10 Green Destinations Around The World (Part 1)

Since Malaysia and perhaps all of Asia for that matter, are now working towards a more sustainable lifestyle and culture, it’s good to have some role models to look up to.  There are about 20 cities in the world at the moment that are setting the benchmark for us all, and in this article, we’re...
7 August 2019

2018: Trump's year of disruption

From trampling near-sacred allies like Canada to trying to make good with rival Russia and enemy North Korea, Trump's foreign policy shook up the world.

14 December 2018

Still no deal for nations looking to save TPP

Trade ministers meeting on the sidelines of the APEC summit are due to present their proposal on the future of the TPP to leaders on Friday. At this stage, though, they still don’t have a deal.

10 November 2017

Trudeau urges Suu Kyi to end Myanmar violence

During a phone call, Trudeau stressed Suu Kyi's role as a "moral and political leader" for the nation, as he voiced his "deep concerns over the situation in Rakhine state for Rohingya Muslims," his office said in a statement.

14 September 2017