Indonesians quitting 'rice addiction'

Indonesian Mirnawati once ate rice with every meal, but its link to diabetes convinced her to join a growing movement to quit a staple food in As World Diabetes Day was held last Thursday, the Southeast Asian nation is struggling to tackle a disease that affects as many as 20 million of its 260 million people, and has emerged as one of its deadliest killers behind stroke and heart disease.But kicking the rice habit isn't easy, with Indonesia's favourite dish nasi goreng (mi

17 November 2019

Singapore’s sweet solution

Singapore’s decision to ban advertisements of certain fizzy drinks and juices might be just what it needs to change the public’s perception of sugar.The country has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world, and Thursday’s announcement came after an eight-week public survey earlier in the year on how best to reduce Singaporeans’ sugar intake from sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs).Singapore is among Asia’s biggest per capita consumers of sugar at an average of 12 teaspoons (or 60 grams)

13 October 2019

ASEAN chooses convenience over health

Skip health reasons or nutrition – convenience is far more important for Southeast Asians when choosing what to eat for breakfast.A recent survey by nutrition company Herbalife Nutrition found that while the majority of Asia Pacific consumers are aware of the benefits of a healthy breakfast, 67 percent of them still make breakfast decisions based on convenience,ahead of health benefits (43 percent) and nutritional value (33 percent).Conducted in March with

22 May 2019