Behind Mahathir’s tougher stance towards India

In March last year, when Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad visited Pakistan, he made it clear that Malaysia will not take sides on the Kashmir issue. Nevertheless, at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, he was a changed man.He accused India of "invading and occupying the country" of Jammu and Kashmir.

8 February 2020

Malaysia, India palm oil tensions over Kashmir

Malaysia's mammoth palm oil sector faces a new threat after Indian traders were asked to halt purchases amid a diplomatic row over Kashmir, piling further pressure on the industry as Europe also plans cutbacks.The Southeast Asian nation is the second-biggest producer after Indonesia of the oil, used in everything from food to cosmetics, in a sector long vilified by environmentalists who blame it for fuelling deforestation.With Western companies reducing use of the commodity as green grou

28 October 2019

The drums of war in Kashmir

Tensions between India and Pakistan are at their highest level in decades, and many fear the nuclear-armed neighbours are on the brink of yet another war over the disputed Kashmir region. But the latest eruption is different from its predecessors.The two countries’ struggle over Kashmir began in 1947.

5 March 2019