China's virus control efforts 'are working'

China's efforts to control the deadly outbreak of a new coronavirus "are working", Beijing's top diplomat said Thursday, attributing an easing in new cases to his country's "forceful action" against the illness.Speaking in Lao before talks with peers from the 10 Southeast Asian (ASEAN) countries, Wang Yi said the outbreak was "controllable and curable" despite the global panic it has seeded."China is not only protecting its own people

21 February 2020

Guide: 7 Handy Tips for the Southeast Asian Backpacker

Avid traveller and frequent flyer Charles David shares his memorable highlights from all his trips around ASEAN, and what every traveller-to-be should know — from a backpacker’s point of view.1. VietnamHighlight: The most memorable event was the Cu Ci Tunnel exploration for me. It awed me because it looked so plain and deserted from the top, but there was a much larger network of tunnels that underlie much of the country.

20 September 2019

10 Incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Asia For That Unforgettable Cultural Trip

As part of’s own UNESCO World Heritage sites week, we list down some of the most amazing sites in our very own backyard, so to speak. While there are three  categories to choose from, these sites actually had to go through a stringent qualification process – which we have detailed here. Here, we list down countries in Asia that specifically address cultural properties that made it on to the list here.You know what’s the best part, though?

11 June 2019

7 Sports That Are Unique to Southeast Asia

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of the popular sports played around the world are the products of Western civilisation. But what did we do to break some sweat before the Europeans brought football and badminton to Southeast Asia? Pretty sure it wasn’t just congkak (mancala games) and wau (kite-flying).Yes, we do have our own sports, games that are unique to the Southeast Asian region.

6 May 2019

6 Places to Experience Songkran, the World’s Biggest Water Fight

 Did you know how many New Year celebrations we have in Southeast Asia? Not one, not two, but at least three! That means you get three chances of pursuing your New Year resolutions before failing at them. Again!Yes, we’re talking about Songkran! This holiday is mainly associated with Thailand, but similar festivities can also be found in other Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.Songkran is just right around the corner.

4 April 2019