Thai Pro-Democracy Rally Attracts Thousands

Young Thai protesters listened in rapt attention on Monday night as a pro-democracy activist called for open discussion of the unassailable monarchy's role in the kingdom, at a rally in Bangkok that drew thousands. The massive demonstration comes after weeks of near-daily student-led protests denouncing Premier Prayut Chan-o-cha's military-aligned administration. The student-led movement has repeatedly demanded a rewrite to a 2017 constitution, the parliament'

11 August 2020

Thousands Protest Against Myanmar Army

Several thousand protesters marched in southeast Myanmar on Tuesday to demand the military's withdrawal from the area and an end to rights abuses after soldiers allegedly killed an unarmed woman from the Karen ethnic group.In a rare acknowledgement of wrongdoing, the military confirmed that two soldiers had been arrested for the shooting of Naw Mu Naw, 40, and robbery of her gold jewellery in Dwe Lo township in Karen state on 16 July.The court-martial of the arrested men was already unde

29 July 2020

The Crisis India Needed

The ongoing standoff between Chinese and Indian forces along the two countries’ disputed Himalayan border recently resulted in the first troop casualties there in decades, with some Indian soldiers killed in particularly brutal fashion.

7 July 2020

Hun Sen Calls For Foreign Military Drills, Aid

Cambodia's prime minister invited foreign powers Monday to conduct military drills in the country as he called for overseas funding to build a pier and relocate an army training centre.But the strongman premier insisted that the country would not allow a foreign "military base on its territory".The Wall Street Journal reported last year on a draft deal allowing China to dock warships and store weapons at the Ream naval base near the coastal city of Sihanoukville.Hun Sen - a sta

2 June 2020

Does Suu Kyi have real power in Myanmar?

Aung San Suu Kyi's ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) party took power following a landslide victory in 2015, after five decades of both, direct and indirect military rule. Suu Kyi, however, could not be named president due to Article 59(f) of the constitution, which bars a person from becoming president if his or her spouse or children are foreign citizens.

13 March 2020

Myanmar army blocks bid to slash parliamentary power

Myanmar's military on Tuesday quashed proposals in parliament that would mean its MPs relinquish power, in a vote pitting the armed forces in open opposition against Aung San Suu Kyi as elections loom. The vote was the climax of a year of fierce debates between MPs as the civilian government attempted to reform the constitution and reduce the military's stranglehold on parliament.The country is gearing up to polls likely to be held later this year, only the second since out

11 March 2020

Myanmar army smashes three drug labs

Sacks of heroin and methamphetamine are laid out in endless rows in a remote Myanmar border zone during a rare raid in the heart of Southeast Asia's infamous 'Golden Triangle'.The seizure in one of the world's biggest narcotics-producing regions put three major laboratories out of business this week and hauled in 43 million meth tablets.Record amounts of drugs continue to be churned out of the lawless forest areas by rebel groups and shadowy organised crime networks making

8 March 2020

Attack on Myanmar school injures 21 children

Around 20 children were injured Thursday when mortar fire hit a primary school in the northern fringes of Myanmar's Rakhine state, an area where the military is locked in battle with Arakan Army (AA) rebels.The attack happened in Buthidaung township, one of several areas in lockdown, and it is not clear who was responsible.Scores of civilians have been killed, hundreds injured and some 100,000 displaced since January last year when both sides stepped up operations.The AA claims to be fig

14 February 2020

Philippines will withdraw from US military pact

The Philippines told the US on Tuesday it was quitting a pact key to their historical military alliance, triggering a six-month countdown to the deal's termination. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered his cabinet to give notice to quit the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) after voicing anger over Washington cancelling the visa of the official who led his internationally condemned drug war.The move also follows Duterte's repeated, unfulfilled threats to shrink or eve

12 February 2020

How will Prabowo defend Indonesia at sea?

“The security development is also affected by the great power; the South China Sea and Korean Peninsula conflict will affect the security and stability in the region.” These were the words of Indonesian Defence minister Prabowo Subianto at the 6th Annual Defence Ministers’ Meeting Plus, in Bangkok, Thailand.The newly elected Indonesian Defence Minister mentioned that the ongoing South China Sea conflict remains one of the biggest threats to Indonesia and the region.

21 December 2019

Rohingya refugees agree move to island

Thousands of Rohingya living in Bangladesh refugee camps have agreed to move to an island in the Bay of Bengal, officials said Sunday, despite fears the site is prone to flooding.Dhaka has long wanted to move 100,000 refugees to the muddy silt islet, saying it would take pressure off the overcrowded border camps where almost a million Rohingya live.Some 740,000 Rohingya fled Myanmar in August 2017 in the face of a military crackdown, joining 200,000 refugees already in makeshift tent settleme

21 October 2019

Bangladesh army accused of raping Rohingya girl

The Bangladesh military said Thursday it has ordered an investigation after a Rohingya family in a refugee camp accused army troops of raping a 12-year-old girl.The inquiry comes as around a million Rohingya in vast camps in Bangladesh face increasing hostility two years after fleeing a military offensive in Myanmar.Mohammad Osman, an elder brother of the alleged victim, said three soldiers entered their shanty at the Nayapara Rohingya camp on Sunday evening and sexually assaulted his sister.

4 October 2019