Deal-making in Asia’s escort bars thriving

In Tokyo’s Ginza, Seoul’s Gangnam and Beijing’s Chaoyang financial district a familiar scene plays out almost every night of the work week. As dusk falls, businessmen flock to karaoke and hostess clubs to close deals and build relationships in the liquor-lubricated intimacy of young women.Call it bonding over vice. It’s a culture that sits uneasily with the #MeToo movement that has swept across Europe and the United States (US).

17 January 2019

Inside FinTech Conference and Expo 2017

As the world grows smaller and connected, many organisations and individuals become highly depended on technology-based interfaces for various financial services including banking, payments, money transfers, fund-raising and asset management. The impact of technology on finance is changing the world as we speak and FinTech (financial technology) is at the forefront of the next global revolution - leading to greater overall efficiency and productivity.

30 August 2017