3D2N in Phuket: An All Girls Weekend For Under MYR1,000

Bored of the old ‘cocktails after work’ as a way of unwinding with your girlfriends? Here’s another way to spend time with them, and get some proper TLC while you’re at it.

Day 1: Tips and toes, and then trips to the shores

Upon reaching Phuket International Airport, the first thing you do after collecting your luggage is to look for a booth that sells SIM cards. They’re not awfully hard to find, it’s the first thing you see once you’ve left the terminal; it’s the one with the most people lining up. However, don’t let that put you off – service is efficient, and you will get your hands on one fast enough. It costs THB100 for unlimited data, for seven days. You’re going to need all the data you can have with all the social media postings you’re going to do!

For those wanting to grab a taxi to town, it’s going to cost about THB758 to 1,138 (MYR100 to 150). If you’re looking to catch a bus, (a longer, more tiring adventure) it’ll cost about THB100 (MYR13). Find out more here.

Your first stop? Get those fingers and toes under control. Head to Simply Nails at Patong. Hailed as one of the most detailed nail parlours with absolutely adorable designs, sit back and relax and watch the magic happen.

Pick any design you want, but we’re all for ‘the louder, the better’! Image: Simply Nails Phuket

This would cost you only about THB700+ (approximately MYR100), and while you’re at it, you could always do up other parts of yourself such as your eyebrows, or anything else that you might want to pay attention to.

Pro tip: don’t sign up for the facial or any other facial treatments, because you’re going to be under the sun and at the beach for most of the time!

By now, your stomachs must be rumbling so take a walk down for some cheap Thai eats at Tam Ong Tak. You may as well get authentic Thai food while you’re in Thailand, and for cheap. Prices range from THB60 to 250 (MYR8-33), depending on what you’re ordering.

Grab some authentic Thai grub while you’re at it! Image: Tam Ong Tak

Otherwise, walk around and explore the street food, if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

There’s a bit of time for you to digest and get your rooms sorted out (don’t worry, we’ll put in our recommendations at the end of this article), so once that’s done and dusted, change into your swimwear, grab your essentials (sunnies, SPF, towels, water) and it’s time to hit Patong Beach – Phuket’s most famous beach. Time to get your tan on with your girls!

Image: Flickr/Nicolas Lannuzel

Once the sun hits the horizon, get changed and take a five-minute walk to Patong Beach Club for some tapas, cocktails and wine – whatever tickles your fancy.

Image: Patong Beach Club

Drink up!

Image: Patong Beach Club

After all, you’re hyping yourself up for the big event of the night: dancing.

Banana Disco & Bar is known as one of the longest established nightclubs at Patong Beach – so you’re going to want in on the action.

Image: Banana Disco

Cover charge is usually THB200(approximately MYR26).

Day 2: Massages, Cooking Classes and Dances

We hope you’re not sporting too terrible of a hangover, so try to rise and shine, and grab a bite before making your way to one the highlights of a girl’s weekend: a massage. Spa Burasari is one of the best massage houses in the district, and depending on what you choose, prices range from THB1,365 to 2,654 (MYR180 to 350).

Image: Pexels

We’d definitely recommend a Traditional Thai massage, and one that’s not too pricey – you’d want to save for your shopping spree.

Next, go fix yourself a meal at the Pum Thai Restaurant & Cooking School. Nothing quite like fixing up your own post-hangover and post-massage brunch, right? There are several classes offered here, but we recommend a non-Masterchef one and sticking to the Pum’s Little Shoes (which costs THB1,500, or MYR290) where you can choose three traditional Thai dishes and learn about the essential herbs, vegetables and sauces used in Thai cooking. Plus, you get to walk away with a recipe book and newfound knowledge and prowess in Thai dishes.

Image: Pum Thai Cooking School

You can go home and show off to your friends and family soon! Note: This class starts at 11am and lasts for three hours.

After that, you can choose to either bum around at the beach and continue to work on your tan, or decide to head to the Bangla Night Market, which is about six minutes away on foot.

Image: Pexels

Whatever you decide, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest (and politely decline requests for ping pong shows), and get ready for Thailand’s most famous ladyboy show, Phuket Simon Cabaret Show. Tickets cost THB1,000 (approximately MYR131). Go ahead and envy the figures and the sheer beauty radiating from the performers!

After the show, channel your inner diva and head over to Soi Sea Dragon, the most popular street for go-go bars. The most popular one is Suzy Wong and Devil’s Playground, but you can walk around and find which vibe suits you best, and prepare for another show with your ladies. Entry is free, but if you decide to order drinks, that’s up to you.

Day 3: Eat, Pray, Love

Alas, the time has come for you to leave this paradise and head back to reality. However, there is still time for you to grab some grub at Thai Smile 2 for some amazing seafood.

The dishes average at THB100 (about MYR13), but if you want to celebrate the last day with your special girlfriends, order a feast!

If you have a bit of time to spare for some last-minute souvenir shopping, this would be the time to do it before you get on your ride to one of the most meaningful trips you could ever have with your friends: Wat Chalong.

Image: Flickr/Nicolas Lannuzel

It is one of the most famous temples in Phuket, but that aside, we just thought it would be nice that you and your friends end your wonderful trip by praying for good luck, blessings and to make merit before your trip back. Above all else, pray that your friendship would only get stronger, and that you will all continue to return to Phuket whenever you can!

By the way, check out our budget-friendly suggestions for hotels around Patong: Patong Sub Inn, Inspira Patong and Enrico Hostel Patong.

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