Hot off the press

These are the top stories making the front pages of major newspapers from across Southeast Asia today.  Get up to speed with what’s happening in the fastest growing region in the world.   Up to 13 feared dead in volcanic eruption off New Zealand A volcano off the New Zealand coast erupted Monday…

Hot off the press

These are the top stories making the front pages of major newspapers from across Southeast Asia today.  Get up to speed with what’s happening in the fastest growing region in the world.   12 hurt in blaze at Johor chemical factory A fire broke out at a chemical factory at Jalan Nibong 1 in the…

High stakes: Myanmar's Lady gambles image

From democracy champion to defending Myanmar against genocide charges, the shock decision by civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi to face the UN's top court risks further damaging her image overseas and deepening the siege mentality at home. "We stand with you," proclaim billboards across Myanmar,…

Jokowi says no to another term

Heading towards the end of last month, Indonesia’s People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) had received proposals to revise constitutional provisions in order to increase the term of office for a president and vice president.  The country’s current Constitution stipulates that a president and vice…



ASEAN’s renewable energy challenges

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has set an ambitious target of securing 23 percent of its primary energy from renewable sources by 2025 as energy demand in the…

Why is the Philippines so focused on coal?

Although fossil fuels are the single biggest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, coal continues to be supported by both the government and businesses in the Philippines.…

Vietnam leading ASEAN’s solar PV market

With the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expecting Vietnam’s economy to grow by 6.5 percent in 2019 and 2020, it is only natural that one of the region’s fastest growing…



Philippines needs to improve its education system

The research arm of Switzerland-based business school, the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) recently released the results of its survey on the talent competitiveness of 63…

Is corruption holding back Thais?

The ASEAN Post recently published an article highlighting Thailand’s need to upgrade its people’s skills. It was noted that this was particularly important if the country intends to draw more…

Upgrading Thai skills

Thailand’s Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan has outlined plans to improve the country’s vocational education sector. These plans have come following expressed fears that Thailand’s education…

Skills or jobs: Which should Cambodia focus on?

Cambodia boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in Southeast Asia. According to research platform for investors, Macrotrends, this number stood at 1.05 percent in 2018, putting its unemployment…

Singapore boost for Cambodia’s future 

Leading institutions in Singapore will be helping Cambodia get ready to fully embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  It was recently reported that Singapore’s leading institutes are…



Indonesia: An e-commerce success story

Indonesia is one of the region’s best success stories. Despite having faced economic turmoil in the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis under the authoritarian Suharto regime,…

Southeast Asia’s data localisation

In the 21st century, data is a perennial need for the sustenance of our digital industries. The internet would not have become what it is today if not for data. Hence,…

Jokowi: Hello AI, goodbye civil servants

While President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo may have shocked some Indonesians on Thursday when he announced the government wants to replace some civil service positions with…



Cameras check on crime in Cambodia

The Cambodian government plans to install hundreds of security cameras along major roads in Sihanoukville next year. The cameras, which the government will be paying for, is mean to monitor traffic as well as increase security in the town. Major General Chuon Narin, chief of Preah Sihanouk provincial police, was recently quoted as saying that a total of 600 cameras will be placed in 500 central locations in Sihanoukville, including along 34 newly-constructed roads. “600 cameras will indeed be…

Thai massage could get UNESCO status

At Bangkok's Reclining Buddha temple Krairath Chantrasri says he is a proud custodian of a 2,000-year-old skill - the body-folding, sharp-elbowed techniques of Thai massage, which this week could be added to UNESCO's prestigious heritage list. From upscale Bangkok spas and Phuket beach fronts to modest street-side shophouses, "nuad Thai" - or Thai massage - is ubiquitous across the kingdom, where an hour of the back-straightening discipline can cost as little as US$5. This week it may be…

Michelle Obama asks girls to stay in school

Former US first lady Michelle Obama and Hollywood A-lister Julia Roberts toured a high school in rural Vietnam on Monday, urging a classroom of teenage girls to stay focused on their education to transform their lives.  The promotion of girls' schooling has been the cornerstone of Obama's charitable work since her husband Barack Obama left office in 2017 after two terms as US president.  "When you educate a girl you give them power and a voice and an opportunity to improve their lives and the…

Can Myanmar’s working children be saved?

Earlier this year, in June, Save the Children released its Global Childhood Report 2019. The report involved a total of 176 countries, and took a look at indicators such as children’s healthcare, education, nutrition and protection. But while Singapore took lead in terms of providing a safe and fostering environment for children, leaving other ASEAN countries far behind, countries like Lao, Cambodia, Myanmar, and the Philippines performed the worst in the bloc. The ASEAN Post has published…


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