Combating radicalism in Indonesia

Last week, Indonesia was swept with a wave of terror attacks. The most recent attack took place on 16 May, when four sword-wielding insurgents attacked officers at Riau police headquarters in Sumatra. Prior to that, Surabaya – Indonesia’s second largest city – was targeted with a string of bombings…

Empowering civil society in ASEAN

As a regional association, ASEAN must avoid the pitfalls of becoming a high-minded, elitist organisation, with its inner workings confined within the hallowed hallways of the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta. As it evolves, it must adapt to the needs and demands of its constituents – the ASEAN people.…

Ripples of an embassy shift

As Muslims around the globe usher in the holy month of Ramadan, an all-too familiar narrative rears its head once again. The plight of displaced Palestinians in the West Bank, has seen so much exposure from the international media that there is a risk of desensitisation to the humanitarian crisis…

Enter the dragon: Beijing's charm offensive

China’s foreign policy exerts a certain weight in the international community, and many have, in fact, likened the country to a superpower within the Asia region. However, like superpowers of the past and present, it cannot rely on just military and economic strength alone, but must also possess…



Petroleum's contribution to ASEAN sustainability

Petroleum is known as liquid gold due to its utility to various segments in society, making it a sought-after commodity the world over. ASEAN’s petroleum potential is quite…

The decline of Indonesia's oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry has seen turbulent times over the last 10 years, with the 2008 financial crisis as a turning point for the industry as a whole. Oil prices peaked at US$…

Renewable energy development to create jobs in Southeast Asia

Job creation has always been an important priority for governments in the region, and with an estimated 68 million new workers entering ASEAN’s labour force by 2025, it will…



China pledges significantly more US buying, no trade war

China will “significantly increase purchases” of United States (US) goods, the White House said as Beijing’s special envoy in talks at Washington declared a trade war has been averted between the…

Can Duterte’s “Build! Build! Build!” boost the Philippines’ economy?

Over the past decade, the Philippines has rapidly developed into one of the region’s economic powerhouses. Now regarded as one of the Tiger Cub economies in Southeast Asia, along with Indonesia,…

ASEAN can help India meet its growing energy demand

India’s rapid economic development is fuelling rising energy demand in the country. A recent report by financial holding company Nomura reveals that India’s gross domestic product (GDP) is expected…

Thailand introduces laws governing cryptocurrencies

A new set of laws governing cryptocurrencies has been introduced in Thailand. According to the government, the new laws aren’t intended as a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies but serve to regulate such…

Markets that matter most to ASEAN's growth: Automotive

There are many sectors within ASEAN that have propelled the region to greater heights in terms of economic development and general prosperity. One of the sectors that Southeast Asia takes great pride…



Southeast Asia's cybersecurity an emerging concern

Cybercrime is on the rise throughout Southeast Asia, with the region’s rapid development in terms of digital technologies making it a prime target for cybercriminals.…

Thai jobs on the line if the country fails to adapt to new technologies

Despite launching the Thailand 4.0 initiative two years ago, Thailand is on track to lose as many as three million jobs over the next 20 years if it fails to adapt to…

The shift to a modern workplace in ASEAN

The term “hybrid space” refers to a work environment which combines employee and business needs in order to create a positive experience for both, employees and clients…



Coral Triangle at risk

The Coral Triangle, a marine region stretching across Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Timor Leste, is endangered by extensive human activities. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), this marine region encompasses portions of two biogeographic regions: the Indonesian-Philippines Region, and the Far Southwestern Pacific Region, endowing it with the world’s richest marine biodiversity. The Coral Triangle has the highest coral diversity and…

ASEAN’s contribution to realising the Paris Agreement

Member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations bear minimal historical responsibility to carbon emissions but are equally suffering the impact of climate change as its effects on the world become more apparent. True ‘climate justice’ was needed and in December 2015, with the adoption of the Paris Agreement by 195 countries, justice was served. Global leaders pledged to counteract the threat of climate change by ensuring worldwide temperature rise was limited to below two degrees…

The Balikpapan oil spill could have long-term effects

Last week, tragedy struck the waters of Balikpapan Bay as an underwater pipeline transporting crude oil cracked and leaked oil into the ocean. The oil spill first occurred over the weekend at the beginning of the month and is now beginning to spread into the open ocean. Reports say that the oil slick has now spread across an area greater than the size of the city of Paris.The oil spill which took place in the East Kalimantan province is also said to be responsible for the deaths of five…

The geopolitics behind environmental protection

Environmental issues like climate change and greenhouse gas emissions have come to shape the global agenda for the future. The logic it follows is simple – no environment, no humanity. This concern was most urgently dealt with on a cold winters’ day in December 2015 in Paris when the leaders of 195 countries agreed to adopt the world’s first ever universal global climate deal. The Paris agreement aimed to counteract the threat of global climate change by ensuring global temperature rise was…

Real Estate

Real Estate

Singapore sustains comeback in home sales with gains in December

Singapore sustained a comeback in home sales in December.

Property tax reforms in Myanmar could kickstart infrastructure development

Myanmar has a notoriously low residential property taxes rate, accounting for just 7.5% of GDP, compared to the 13-14% its neighbours, Laos and…

Li Ka-shing predicts strong demand for Hong Kong property

Home prices in Hong Kong rose about 14 percent last year even after the government pushed through new taxes and mortgage curbs.

Singapore property bulls ignore Central bank's warning into 2018

Property companies such as City Developments and UOL Group Ltd. are among the top performers in Singapore in 2017, with developers collectively on…

Manila gridlock spurs dormitory demand in the Philippines

Ayala Land is investing three billion pesos (58 million dollars) building five dormitories on four sites in the Makati and Taguig business districts.


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