Hot off the press

These are the top stories making the front pages of major newspapers from across Southeast Asia today.  Get up to speed with what’s happening in the fastest growing region in the world.  MACC to probe into Zoo Negara's financial plight The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will look…

Philippines has plans for disputed island

The Philippines is aiming to strengthen its claims in the South China Sea by potentially building hotels for tourists on its biggest island in the disputed waterway, officials said Tuesday. Manila has administrative control over Thitu – the second-largest naturally occurring landmass in the…

Hot off the press

These are the top stories making the front pages of major newspapers from across Southeast Asia today.  Get up to speed with what’s happening in the fastest growing region in the world.  '2020 still special, despite us not becoming developed nation' Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad believes 2020…

Still no internet in Rakhine state

A sweeping internet shutdown in Myanmar's conflict-hit Rakhine state went into its fifth week Monday as residents called on the government to end an information blackout that rights groups say could provide cover for rights abuses. Mobile phone operators suspended internet data on 21 June in eight…



Your air conditioner is a lethal weapon

Around the world, scorching heat waves are breaking records, with France reaching a sweltering 45.9 degrees Celsius and Australia hitting 49.5 degrees in 2019. According to data…

Malaysia: ASEAN’s biggest solar employer

Looking for a job in renewable energy? Malaysia might be just the place for you. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) this week named Malaysia as the region’s…

Myanmar has an energy problem

Ever since Myanmar undertook a series of political, economic and administrative reforms in 2011, the country’s economy has steadily improved. According to data from the Asian…



'China's Nasdaq' debuts in spectacular fashion

Shares on Shanghai's new Nasdaq-style technology board soared Monday, with one firm rocketing more than 500 percent, as investors rushed to grab a piece of China's latest market liberalisation in a…

Halal sees growth in Russia

The manager of a sausage factory near Moscow, Arslan Gizatullin says his halal business has been feeling the pinch – not so much from Russia's sluggish economy but competitors vying for a piece of a…

Singapore’s economy headed for a slowdown

A plunge in exports and the worst growth rates for a decade have fuelled concerns about the outlook for Singapore's economy, with analysts saying the figures offer a warning that Asia is heading for…

Oriente: Serving ASEAN’s unbanked

With Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam alone hosting over 10 percent of the world’s unbanked population, providing the right infrastructure to bridge this gap is key to ASEAN’s sustained growth.…

Getting creative in Indonesia

Rapid technological transformation is changing the world economy, and along with it, the economic landscapes of ASEAN member states. Wealth creation through human knowledge and creativity is steadily…



Humanoid robots in Malaysia

Malaysia is embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), as seen at the recent Beyond Paradigm Summit 2019 in…

Singapore start-ups set for Ho Chi Minh City

With its steadily growing economy, surge in technological development and solid reputation as a start-up hub, it should come as no surprise that Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh…

ASEAN e-commerce hit by fraud

Southeast Asia’s e-commerce market is well on its way to exceeding Google’s prediction of hitting US$200 billion in value by 2025, with e-commerce players such as Lazada…



Lao dam collapse survivors homeless a year on

Thousands are languishing in displacement camps in Lao a year after a dam break unleashed floodwaters and killed dozens of people in the impoverished state, a new report on the anniversary of the disaster said Tuesday. For the past decade, Lao has been on a dam-building spree to serve as the "battery of Asia", but experts have long warned about environmental dangers and the breakneck construction pace. An auxiliary dam at the Xe Pian Xe Namnoy hydroelectric project in southern Lao collapsed…

Plant-based plastics can make a difference

It is undeniable that plastic waste contributes to the earth’s ecological devastation and issues in human health. In 2017, industrial ecologist, Roland Geyer, led a study on the ‘Production, use and fate of all plastics ever made’ and estimated that there are more than 8.3 billion metric tons (Mt) of plastics that have been produced since the 1950s. The study also found that in 2015, only nine percent of plastics have been recycled, 12 percent incinerated and 79 percent accumulated in landfills…

Empty pockets and broken children

Ministries and child protection non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Cambodia recently established a joint-committee for the implementation of the Action Plan to Prevent and Respond to Violence Against Children.  According to Touch Channy, a Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation spokesperson, the committee is headed by its minister, Vong Soth, and comprises 22 members – 15 from various ministries and institutions and seven from NGOs. While Cambodia has certainly…

Made in China: Zero-dollar tourists

In a previous article, The ASEAN Post highlighted the fact that today, in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Chinese mainlanders own more than 90 percent of all businesses. While this has increased land prices in the once sleepy-coastal town, the fact that the Chinese are willing to pay millions of dollars to buy land there only serves to heighten worries that Sihanoukville is becoming a small Chinese colony. And the worry does not end there. Recently, on 16 July, news reports quoted Cambodia’s Minister…


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