Trump’s currency confusion continues

Next month, the United States (US) Department of the Treasury is due to submit to Congress its biannual report detailing which countries, if any, are manipulating their currencies to gain an unfair trade advantage.

23 September 2018

Education in the Age of Automation

As digital technologies and automation have advanced, fears about workers’ futures have increased. But, the end result does not have to be negative. The key is education.

13 September 2018

Trump’s assault on refugees

The decision by United States (US) President Donald Trump’s administration to stop funding the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has politicized humanitarian aid, threatens to add yet more fuel to one

8 September 2018

The slavery incentive

Have you ever wondered why business schools do not teach the proper way to whip a worker to obtain maximum effort without damaging the asset?

1 September 2018

Why is the Renminbi depreciating?

China’s currency has started falling again. The last major depreciation of the Chinese renminbi began in the second half of 2015, triggered by a surge in capital outflows.

30 August 2018

Tough times for tough guys

Shares in strongman leaders seem to be falling. The market has not yet turned bearish, but autocrats have little reason to feel bullish.

26 August 2018