A concert of Indo-Pacific democracies

On his week-long tour of Asia, United States (US) Vice President Mike Pence has been promoting a vision of a “free and open” Indo-Pacific region, characterised by unimpeded trade flows, freedom of navigation, and respect for the rule of law, national so

13 November 2018

The keys to universal health coverage

It has been three years since world leaders committed to one of the boldest goals ever set in global public health: achieving universal health coverage by 2030.

10 November 2018

Digital disruption’s silver lining

Technology is often oversold as either a panacea for the world’s problems or an unshakeable curse inflicting disruption and displacement on the most vulnerable. But historically, neither of these characterizations is accurate.

8 November 2018

Living with climate change

For anyone still undecided about the consequences of global warming, the summer of 2018, one of the hottest on record, should have tipped the scales.

7 November 2018

The Green Lobby’s misdirected anger

In August, when United States (US) President Donald Trump proposed to freeze fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks, environmentalists and their supporters were outraged.

3 November 2018

Surgery for all

On a recent trip to India, I hailed a rickshaw that was pedalled, I soon noticed, by a man with a lame leg. It turns out that a few weeks earlier, the driver had been hit by a car while navigating the busy streets of New Delhi.

27 October 2018