All You Need To Know About #FairAirportPSC, And Why You Should Care

There have been talks about a hike in taxes at Malaysian airports for a while now, and we are continually fighting for our right for #FairAirportPSC. It’s an ongoing battle that still needs support from all ends, not only from the airport staff but also from travellers around Asia.

Now, while we’re not the type to passionately push for fights (especially the violent kind), #FairAirportPSC is definitely something that you should be aware of, and we’ll tell you exactly why that is:

What is Airport Tax?

Airport Tax, otherwise known as Passenger Service Charge (PSC) is a tax imposed by the airport operator for using their facilities and services, which is paid by all passengers and travellers departing from klia2. 

Here at AirAsia, we collect the airport tax as part of your flight booking (you would notice that line as part of your total bill when you make a booking). We then pass that amount to Malaysia Airports on your behalf, after you complete your journey. 

However, something has changed…

Malaysia Airports Passenger Service Charge Has Increased

The airport tax or passenger service charges have increased from MYR50 to MYR73 (that’s nearly 50% since 2017!) and anyone departing KLIA and klia2 will have this charge imposed on them. 

Here’s the breakdown:

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But How Does This Affect Us?

At the moment, and since the imposed changes effective 1 July 2018, AirAsia has only collected MYR50 from you. The remaining MYR23 remains uncollected because we strongly believe that the increased tax is unfair to you. 

Why Does Airasia Not Collect the Remaining MYR23?

It’s easy: look at our tagline!

We want everyone to have the opportunity to fly! And since our mission is to provide every passenger with low fares and great service, we would like to keep this practice still. 

But, in order to keep our fares low, we need support from all ends, especially airports that have the resources to create and build guest-oriented spaces and facilities.

Unfortunately, Malaysia Airports does not share the same vision as us. 

KLIA vs klia2

  • klia2 was designed to be operated as a low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT). Therefore, it is obviously unfair for guests to fork out the same amount of tax as the more equipped airport, KLIA. You would notice the luxurious, spacious and comfortable terminals, and can easily compare it to our more basic facilities at klia2. 
  • klia2’s airport tax has always been lower than that of KLIA, but that changed in 2018 when it was unceremoniously increased to be on par with KLIA.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the airports, as we may have noticed during our travels:

KLIA vs klia2 
Comparisons of commute to the Departure Gates between KLIA and klia2

When compared even further, here are our points of argument:

We also found these tweets discussing #FairAirportPSC:

Why Should We Fight For #FairAirportPSC?

  • We are firm believers that increased airport taxes at klia2 will impede tourism and will cause a regression in economic growth. 
  • In turn, other destinations would be more advantageous over Malaysia.

What Happens to Our Future Bookings?

As we have fought our best to not collect the additional MYR23, as mentioned earlier, the new PSC has been implemented.

There will now be additional charges of RM23 for future flights.

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What Can We Do to Help Make #FairAirportPSC Happen?

While we handle it for you as much and as long as we can, we still need your aid. Here’s what you can do:

1. Join the conversation on social media, and share your thoughts on #FairAirportPSC. Explain why you need klia2 to operate on a lower tax, and use the hashtag #FairAirportPSC

2. If you have an unpleasant experience at klia2, share it with @MY_Airports on social media, as well as with the hashtag #FairAirportPSC

For example, recently, foreign passengers to Lanzhou had to miss their flight in spite of arriving early because only eight counters were open for foreign passports. On another note, a guest also recently found maggots crawling out of the dustbins at klia2!

3. Otherwise, make a complaint about your experience at klia2 to the Malaysian Aviation Commission here. After all, klia2 is not a full-service terminal and therefore, for a lack of a better phrase … needs to be cut some slack! If we don’t enjoy the same facilities as KLIA, why should we agree to the same airport tax?

Come on, guys! Let’s make it happen! Let’s keep flying affordable! #FairAirportPSC

Join us in our fight for #FairAirportPSC and sign the petition here