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Stocks rally following Prayut win 

Thai stocks rallied on Thursday after Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha won a parliamentary vote to reclaim the premiership on Wednesday night, an event seen as reducing anxiety surrounding policy changes when the new government takes office. - Bangkok Post

Bali beefs up airport security after failed Central Java bombing

Bali's airport has heightened its security measures following a failed suicide bombing on Monday night in the subdistrict of Kartasura in Sukoharjo, Central Java. Although Sukoharjo is located more than 600 kilometres from the resort island, airport operator Angkasa Pura I has decided to increase the alert for all airport security. - The Jakarta Post

Anwar: Give Dr M time to explain to PH council on MACC chief's appointment

Malaysia Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad should be given space and time to explain Latheefa Koya's appointment as Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief to the presidential council, said PKR president Anwar Ibrahim. He said a clarification was necessary because without it, Dr Mahathir’s admission that Latheefa has been appointed without consulting the government would be perceived as reneging the commitment the government made in its pre-election manifesto. - New Straits Times

Heng Swee Keat urges Singapore's youth to seize opportunities in fast-growing Asia

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat has urged Singapore's youth to go forth and seize the fast-growing opportunities in Asia to build a better tomorrow for themselves. Speaking to 540 students at the annual Pre-University Seminar, Mr Heng made the point that for the first time, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is not just happening to Asia but is occurring in Asia, with many Asian companies being among the most innovative and best regarded businesses in the world. - Straits Times

Duterte told a crowd he ‘used to be gay’ before he ‘cured’ himself

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has told a crowd he "used to be gay" before he "cured" himself. The President - who is known for making colourful remarks - made the comment during a speech to the Filipino community while visiting Tokyo on Thursday. Duterte went on to say that he was "cured" after meeting current partner Honeylet Avancena. - CNN

Vietnam PM courts Italian businesses

Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has urged Italian enterprises to choose Vietnam as their business destination when “looking towards the East”. He made the remarks as he delivered the opening speech at the third high-level dialogue on ASEAN-Italy economic relations held in Hanoi on Thursday, which attracted the participation of more than 300 businesses from Italy and ASEAN. - Vietnam News