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Supreme Administrative Court dismisses petition on Senate

The Supreme Administrative Court on Tuesday dismissed a request for its ruling on the legitimacy of the Senate selection process because the issue was outside its scope. 

The decision responded to the petition of a group of 34 people calling themselves "Thai Citizens of the Nation" and upheld a previous decision by the Central Administrative Court.

The petition targeted the National Council for Peace and Order and Prime Minister and NCPO chief Prayut Chan-o-cha. – Bangkok Post

Trump threatens ‘obliteration’; Iran calls White House ‘mentally retarded’

United States President Donald Trump threatened on Tuesday (25 June) to obliterate parts of Iran if it attacked “anything American”, in a new war of words with Iran, which condemned the latest US sanctions on Teheran and called White House actions “mentally retarded”.

Iran shot down a US drone last week and Mr Trump said he had called off a retaliatory air strike with minutes to spare, saying too many people would have been killed. – Straits Times

Malaysia accepts ruling on Pedra Branca, says Mahathir

Malaysia accepts the International Court of Justice's (ICJ) 2008 ruling which awarded Pedra Branca to Singapore, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Tuesday (June 25), as he cited the case to show how ASEAN member states can cooperate despite not seeing eye to eye on every issue.

The ICJ had ruled in favour of Malaysia in 2002 during a territorial dispute with Indonesia over the islands of Sipadan and Ligitan in the Celebes Sea. – Straits Times

Rescuers pinpoint location of workers buried in Tanjung Bungah landslide

Rescuers have identified the location of the four Myanmar construction workers, who were feared buried in a landslide incident in Tanjung Bungah last night.

State Fire and Rescue Department chief Saadon Mokhtar said the victims were buried under the landslide. – New Straits Times

Mandalay project with telco under review, says chief minister

Cooperation between China-based telecommunications giant Huawei and Mandalay city in a “Safe City” project is being reviewed, says Mandalay Region Chief Minister U Zaw Myint Maung.

A committee comprising Mandalay City Development Council, police, and NGO representatives, chaired by Regional Minister of Electricity and Construction U Zarni Aung, is overseeing the project, which involves the use of technology to improve public safety in Mandalay. – Myanmar Times