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'No rushing charter change'

Amendments to the constitution cannot be rushed because there are legal requirements involved and some issues require public hearings and perhaps even a referendum, according to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

Gen Prayut on Wednesday reiterated his support for changing the charter. However, he indicated the legal process involving amendments could be lengthy. – Bangkok Post

Rihana shares video of 'romantic dance' with Kelantan Sultan amidst divorce news

Talks may be rife about the Sultan of Kelantan having divorced his Russian wife Rihana Oksana Voevodina, with sources confirming to the New Straits Times that the divorce was filed in Singapore on June 22 and finalised on July 1.

However, for the former Russian beauty pageant contestant who has been rather active on Instagram since June 4, the only "reaction" she offered was an upload of an undated video in which Sultan Muhammad V spoke about their relationship.

The couple were also seen dancing in the video with Voevodina talking about how she wants to "be the last person in his life". – New Straits Times

Indonesia could halt palm oil shipments to Europe

Indonesia, the world's largest palm oil exporter, is ready with countermeasures if the European Union (EU) goes ahead with plans to restrict the use of palm oil in biofuels.

One option is to stop all palm oil shipments to Europe when demand from domestic and alternative overseas markets surges. – Straits Times

Rallies held for, against charter change

Public rallies both for and against the committee amending the 2008 Constitution took place around the country on Wednesday.

Around 3000 supporters for amending the constitution held a rally at 9am, and those who opposed it, led by nationalists and the National Unity Party, held a rally at 2pm in front of Yangon’s Mahabandula Park. – Myanmar Times

Investigators identify origins of rubbish containers

The Environment Ministry yesterday said the 83 rubbish-filled containers found at Sihanoukville Autonomous Port came from the United States and Canada.

The 83 containers, filled with unwanted plastic waste, were first discovered on Tuesday when national and local officials visited the site to inspect the containers and identify their sources.

Shortly after the visit, the officials vowed to return the containers back to where they came from. – Khmer Times