iflix to make magic with Disney

Dubbed as the "Netflix of Asia", iflix has been owning it’s given name as the leading Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) service in the emerging markets across 20 territories throughout Asia, the Middle East and North Africa; as it announces the launch of their Channels feature that will provide users to the exclusive distribution deal with Disney on August 22, 2017.

The content distribution arrangement includes access to Disney’s biggest films in their own branded channels that include Marvel Studios, Disney-Pixar Animation Studios and Disney.

Both companies are also extending their existing distribution deal for ABC Studios’ popular show including Scandal, Criminal Minds, Quantico, Grey’s Anatomy and more. Additionally, the agreement between iflix and Disney will include an exclusive project with Maker Studios, Disney’s production arm and subsidiary.

“At iflix, we have committed to offering the best content available to our subscribers. This new partnership with Disney is key to delivering that promise,” iflix Group Chief Content Officer Sean Carey said in a statement. Formerly a team player for Netflix, Carey and his team at iflix are determined to deliver content.

Not even competing with Netflix

Started as the underdog next to Netflix, iflix has gained international attention – showing positive movement towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution in ASEAN countries.

Earlier this month, the company won over Hearst, a US based diversified media, information and services company with a whopping US$133 million making the Kuala Lumpur based company’s total investment to reach US$303 million – potentially valuing iflix at more than US$700 million.

Since it was founded in 2015, iflix has built an audience that covers 5 million subscribers. Driven to deliver locally, their strategy shows its merits in numbers throughout the region despite the challenges in infrastructure and internet penetration in ASEAN countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Lao and Philippines being under 50% compared to Singapore which leads the region with 82.5% and Malaysia slowly following behind with 68.6% according to Forbes.

It doesn’t come as a surprise after the many comments on Netflix’s shortcomings in non-English content, that iflix is the preferred SVOD service in Southeast Asia. Priced around US$2.50 a month, users can enjoy their library of content at a more affordable price on their mobile phones, laptops, tablets and TV. Aside from its major distribution deal with Disney, iflix also has exclusive serials rights through partnerships with Korean content makers KBS Media, iMBC, SBS and CJ E&M – giving it a superiority in diversity suitable for their market audience.

Other SVOD services in Southeast Asia

Also contending in the SVOD sectorin the region with iflix and Netflix are Philippine owned Hooq, Media Prima’s Tonton and Star Media’s new Dimsum, among others. International media giant BBC has also launched its’ SVOD service Player in Singapore and Malaysia.