Living Like A King

This photo shows a row of King Living beds at the company’s showroom in Malaysia. (Photo courtesy of King Living)

Thanks to rapid development in Southeast Asia, ASEAN’s middle class is set to grow and become a critical segment of society, acting as a vital engine of growth in the region. It is expected that the middle class will rise from 29 percent in 2010 to 65 percent of the population by 2030. This means, almost half a billion people would have sufficient disposable income for the finer things in life.

On top of this burgeoning economy, ASEAN also has the huge potential of a demographically young region of over 630 million people – with 60 percent below the age of 30. Over the past two decades, an estimated 100 million people have joined the ASEAN workforce.

The region’s positive economic growth has also seen many changes in the way its citizens go about their daily lives. With an economy that is fast improving and the potential for progress still intact, the rise of the middle class is very much apparent within the region.

Source: Brookings Institution

ASEAN’s economic growth ties in with the dream of luxury living because an increase in disposable income has allowed some room for people to spend more. This has allowed them to search for products and services that suit their needs better. And if they want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, then there is a company that seeks to address that desire.

King Living

Since 1977, King Living has been at the forefront of Australian furniture design. With a reputation that’s built on steel, King Living designs and manufactures contemporary, award-winning furniture that’s made to last.

King Living furniture is for people who want more than a sofa, lounge, or bed. They want true modular flexibility. Technology as a function, not a fad. More comfort, more storage, more options. Furniture that doesn’t just fit into our lives but adds to it, simplifies it, and makes it better.

Established in Sydney in 1977, the King Living brand also has international showrooms in Malaysia and Singapore. The brand plans to enter the Canadian market with a location in the South Granville area of Vancouver.

The company has received many industry awards for its furniture designs. In 2005, its Delta II sofa was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show by famous interior designer Nate Berkus. The Delta II sofa has also been featured at high-profile events, such as Vanity Fair's Oscars After Party.

In 2016, King Living received the Sydney Hills Business Award.

Furniture For The Future

As ASEAN and the rest of the world embraces Industry 4.0, the search for new, innovative products and services is ever growing. There is no reason why that outlook shouldn’t include new, innovative furniture designs as well.

King Living offers furniture designs for both, commercial and residential customers and takes advantage of new technologies to offer products with a difference. Its furniture designs also include seats with electric reclining motion and the ability to attach lights, speakers and even tables.

Take the Jasper II for example. Beyond its good looks and smart design, the Jasper II is an example of King Living quality with its Postureflex® Seating System combined with KingCell® Pocket Springs for longer lasting support and durability.

Photo courtesy of King Living

Rear cushions and improved feather seats feature innovative technology allowing them to stay plump, retain shape better and feel more comfortable than ever. The creation of a new, softer feel memory foam has also been implemented for seat cushions as an alternative to feather, requiring less maintenance, and ensuring the long-life of seating components. Cutting edge FlexGuard technology in Jasper II’s platforms improve suspension and comfort when someone is seated.

The Jasper II is where next level style and comfort meet for seamless connectivity, combining even more options for customisation with clever tech integration solutions. As a sofa meets virtual media hub, it cleverly puts entertainment within easy grasp allowing families, friends and guests to experience a unique connection with its unparalleled next-gen features that include New Smart Pockets™ and the state-of-the-art Timber Media Console.

But the Jasper II isn’t the only innovative product from King Living. The ultimate recliner lounge, King Cloud III masterfully fuses luxurious design with modern technology. A recent winner of a Good Design Award®, its sleek form features a headrest and recliner mechanism with an adjustable back, offering engineered support and an immersive experience.

Photo courtesy of King Living

Using Touchglide® Technology, the King Cloud III’s headrest, back and footrest can be effortlessly adjusted to create tailored comfort. The flexible modular design of the sofa is an inherent characteristic that is carried across the entire King Living range. Clean, minimalist lines that embrace modern style and comfort define King Cloud III, whilst featuring the company’s signature engineered steel frame to offer unparalleled durability.

The growing affluence across Southeast Asia has resulted in a new middle class with increased buying power. Young execs across the region are more discerning in the choices they make when it comes to deciding what they want to buy and from whom.

Consequently, when it comes to furniture, taking a closer look at what King Living has to offer would certainly be a smarter choice.


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