China’s Deepening Geopolitical Hole

The United Kingdom’s (UK) decision to ban Huawei from its 5G networks has dealt a painful blow to China. Until recently, China was still counting on the UK to stick to its earlier decision to allow the Chinese telecom giant to supply non-core equipment for the country’s 5G networks.But two recent developments made such a decision untenable. The first was the United States’ (US) escalation of its war on Huawei.

17 July 2020

China Takes On More Conflicts Around The World

From remote Himalayan valleys to small tropical islands and tense Western capitals, an increasingly assertive China is taking on conflicts around the world like never before as the United States (US) retreats.China's imposition this week of a controversial security law in Hong Kong, defying a barrage of criticism from the West, offered another example of its rising confidence as a global superpower.The confrontations are seen as part of President Xi Jinping's nationalist drive to re

4 July 2020

Asia Virus Latest

Here are the latest developments from Asia related to the novel coronavirus pandemic: Japan Lifts Emergency For Most RegionsJapan's prime minister lifted a state of emergency imposed due to the coronavirus for the majority of the country but kept it in place for top cities Tokyo and Osaka.

17 May 2020

Virus News: Latest Developments Across Asia

Here are the latest developments in Asia related to the novel coronavirus pandemic: Wuhan Deaths RiseThe Chinese city where the coronavirus first emerged has raised its death toll by 50 percent to a total of 3,869.The revision came as a growing chorus of world leaders suggested China had not been entirely open about the full domestic impact of the virus.The additional deaths in Wuhan were cases that were "mistakenly reported" or missed entirely, according to the official an

19 April 2020

Transforming refugee policies in Indonesia

The Indonesian government has strong reason to draw policy lessons from the international community in order to deal with over 14,000 transiting refugees and asylum seekers, before the situation deteriorates further.While the refugee issue is not a political priority in Indonesia, it seems to garner much traction for Australian politicians – where refugee issues dominate their agenda. Over the years, the Australian government has implemented an increasingly restrictive immigration policy.

2 February 2020

Why Australia is burning

Owing to the smoke from nearby wildfires, Canberra in December had the world’s worst air-quality index, with readings 20 times above the official hazardous threshold. The city also recently experienced its hottest day on record (111°F/44°C). Meanwhile, Delhi had its coldest December day on record.

11 January 2020

Australians deported for Papua demonstration

Four Australians were deported from Indonesia’s Papua region on Monday, the immigration department said, after they allegedly took part in demonstrations demanding independence for the restive province.Impoverished Papua, where a low-level insurgency against Indonesian control has simmered for decades, has seen two weeks of mass protests and deadly riots sparked by anger over racism and fresh calls for self-rule.The four foreigners entered the island region on a yacht through the port of Soro

3 September 2019

East Timor marks 20 years independence

East Timor on Friday marks 20 years since a UN-backed vote ended a bloody, decades-long occupation by Indonesian forces and paved the way for it to become an independent nation.On 30 August 1999, nearly 80 percent of East Timorese voted to split from neighbouring Indonesia, which invaded the former Portuguese colony in 1975, starting a brutal 24-year military occupation.But joy over independence quickly turned to terror as Indonesian security forces and proxy militias went on a scorched-earth

30 August 2019

Lynas or lies?

Depending on who you listen to, the 580,000 tonnes of radioactive waste at Lynas’ rare earth processing plant in the Malaysian state of Pahang is either going to cause harm to generations to come or is part of the Australian company’s policy of causing “zero harm”.Currently the hottest environmental debate in Malaysian, the government’s decision last week to extend the company’s licence for another six months has turned up the heat on the issue as Lynas has yet to remove waste containing low

22 August 2019

These Amazing Aquatic Adventures Will Make You Want to Book Your Ticket to Perth Now!

From enchanting estuaries to pristine coastal waters, Perth in Western Australia is defined by bodies of water – each brimming with tales of its storied past and offering thrill seekers and nature lovers a gateway to aquatic adventures.White, wispy clouds dot Western Australia’s bright blue skies, floating across a sun that is anything but forgiving.

1 July 2019

Why This City Is Perfect for Beach Lovers

If you’re wondering where to go in Australia that’s perfect for all ages, you should seriously consider the Gold Coast.This is the place where urban development perfectly blends with nature. Amid the skyscrapers rising close to the beach, the lively three-kilometre strand of Surfers Paradise remains clean and beautiful.From Gold Coast airport to the city, you can get a shared airport transfer from as low as RM69.

26 June 2019

Four charged over MH17 crash

International investigators on Wednesday charged three Russians and a Ukrainian with murder over the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, the first people to face justice over the tragedy five years ago in which 298 people were killed.The trial of the four men with military and intelligence links will start in the Netherlands in March next year, although they are likely to be tried in absentia as neither Russia nor Ukraine extradites their nationals.Moscow slammed the "absolut

20 June 2019