Without a home in Bangkok

Thousands of people are homeless in Bangkok and civil societies want the government to do something about it.
10 October 2019

Bangkok to relocate?

More research needs to be done about the impacts of relocating one of ASEAN’s most vibrant hubs.
22 September 2019

You Can Now Travel From Cambodia to Thailand By Train!

For travellers yearning for the next adventure, how does a Southeast Asian cross-border trip on rail sound? After 45 years, a railway that connects Cambodia and Thailand was relaunched on 22 April 2019 in efforts to slash travel times and boost trade between the neighbouring countries. In case you need more ideas, here are 7...
24 April 2019

Lock n’ Load: 7 Songkran Tips for the Best Water Fight of Your Life

Featured image: 123RF Ready for deployment to the world’s largest water fight? Let’s swing into action in Thailand! One of the most iconic attractions from the ‘Land of Smiles’, Songkran is an important event in the Thai calendar, marking the New Year and fresh beginnings. It is easy to look at it as water war...
8 April 2019