Thai Protesters' Plaque Removed Overnight

A plaque installed by activists in Bangkok declaring Thailand "belongs to the people" had been removed Monday, after a weekend show of force by protesters calling for the royal family to stay out of the kingdom's politics.Thailand has seen near-daily protests for the past two months led by students demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, a former army chief who masterminded a 2014 coup.Some 30,000 demonstrators rallied Saturday close to Bangkok's Gra

21 September 2020

Bangkok's Rich Purr Through Pandemic

As the coronavirus brought the global economy to its knees, Thai businessman Yod decided to buy himself an US$872,000 treat - a lime-green Lamborghini.Yod picked up the customised Huracan EVO supercar in Bangkok, a city of billionaires with a luxury economy unbroken by the crisis ripping through Thailand's wider economy.With tourism and exports in freefall, Thailand's growth could shrivel by as much as 10 percent this year, dumping millions into unemployment.But in a split-screen ec

10 August 2020

Hundreds Protest In Bangkok After Activist Arrests

A flash mob of hundreds took to Bangkok's streets Saturday to protest against the arrest of two pro-democracy activists – the latest outburst of anger in a movement increasingly vocal in its demand for reforms in Thailand.The kingdom has seen near-daily rallies in recent weeks with mainly young protesters denouncing the government of former military leader Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.Two protest leaders were arrested Friday evening on eight charges, including sedition and breaking c

9 August 2020

Thai Youths Resort To Subversive Anime In Protest

Sporting animal ears and stuffed hamster toys, hundreds of young protesters gathered Sunday at Bangkok's Democracy Monument to call for the government's dissolution, the latest subversive show of creativity from the kingdom's nascent pro-democracy movement.As dozens of police watched, the protesters sang a parody of the theme song for Hamtaro - a popular Japanese anime character that is a sparkly-eyed hamster - replacing the lyrics with the refrain "dissolve the parliament

27 July 2020

Thai Youth In Pro-Democracy Protest

Thousands of mainly young and black-clad Thai protesters converged on Saturday at Bangkok's Democracy Monument as the city's largest and rowdiest anti-government protest in years stretched deep into the night.Thailand, a kingdom whose rambunctious politics is defined by coups and often deadly street protests, is facing an unprecedented economic shock due to the coronavirus pandemic.With the economy in freefall, anger is boiling against a government stacked with elderly former genera

19 July 2020

Thailand's secret weapon in climate change battle

Bangkok's future hangs in the balance. Rising sea levels, unchecked development, groundwater extraction, and rapid urban population growth has left millions vulnerable to natural disasters - scientists warn the city itself may not survive the century. New analysis by the Nestpick 2050 Climate Change City Index says the Thai capital could be hardest hit by global warming. And while it is not alone facing such a threat - Venice, New Orleans, and Jakarta are predi

4 March 2020

ASEAN workers facing burnout

The World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2019 recognised burnout as a diagnosable condition, which was entered into the international classification of diseases (IDC-11).

18 February 2020

Deploying flimsy masks against virus

As fears of a deadly virus sweep the globe, panicked members of the public are depending on a flimsy first line of defence - surgical masks that are coveted, but in short supply and of limited use.While Asian commuters cover their noses and mouths with the blue-green paper-thin covers - and social media buzzes with mask emojis, rumours of stockpiles and shortages - the humble medical mask has become an essential weapon in the battle against an invisible enemy.Cheap, mass-made and usually read

29 January 2020

Bangkok is sinking fast

For the more or less 10 million people living in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok, flooding is a common and recurring phenomenon. This is partly due to the city’s geographic location at the southern end of the Chao Phraya River Basin, as well as its low-lying terrain of around 1.5 metres average elevation above mean sea level. The city normally experiences six months of rainy season every year from May to October.However, conditions are soon expected to worsen for much of Bangkok.

31 December 2019

Thousands rally behind popular Thai leader

Thousands rallied in Bangkok behind the popular leader of an upstart anti-establishment party on Saturday, in the first major protest since March elections returned a junta-aligned government to power.Protesters held signs calling for democracy and flashed a three-finger salute, a rallying symbol used by the Future Forward Party (FFP) that got more than six million votes in the election, thanks to mostly young Thais weary of the military's role in politics. The party's popu

15 December 2019

Strong quake hits Thai-Lao border

A shallow 6.1-magnitude earthquake hit northwestern Lao near the Thai border early Thursday, the United States (US) Geological Survey reported, alarming locals who felt buildings shake as far away as Bangkok.The quake hit at 6:50am (2350 GMT Wednesday), roughly three hours after a 5.7-magnitude earthquake in the same region triggered an immediate suspension to Lao's largest-capacity power plant located near its epicentre. Tremors could be felt more than 700 kilometres (435 miles

22 November 2019

ASEAN leaders hope for trade deal

Southeast Asian leaders met for a second day in Thailand on Sunday, hoping for a breakthrough in talks over the world's largest trade deal to help throw off the torpor which has gripped the global economy since the United States (US)-China tariff war began.The 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) opened its annual summit in Bangkok on Saturday hoping to secure a China-backed free trade pact at the three-day event, which knits together half the world's population

4 November 2019