EU has a new chief 

The former German defence minister needs to build a commission from different countries and parties.
20 July 2019

Moving out as Brexit looms

Japanese car maker Honda announced it will close in 2021 its plant in the southwestern English town of Swindon, putting 3,500 jobs at risk.

20 February 2019

Europe, please wake up

Neither Europe’s leaders nor ordinary citizens seem to understand that they are experiencing a revolutionary moment.

17 February 2019

Good riddance to 2018!

Though the international order had already begun to erode in 2017, the global political environment became downright chaotic, combustible, and hostile this year.

22 December 2018

From Brexit to eternity

The choice is between approving the Brexit deal with the European Union (EU), crashing out of the EU with no deal, or trying to reverse the exit process altogether.

1 December 2018