Asian markets boosted by China-US trade hopes

Asian markets rallied Friday as another broadly positive week drew to a close, with investors cheered by a report that the United States (US) was considering lifting tariffs on China as officials look to hammer out a trade deal.

18 January 2019

Supply chain shift to ASEAN

The relocation of production bases from China to ASEAN is perhaps the most notable benefit of the ongoing US-China trade war for the region.

17 January 2019

Experts agree COC will take time

The South China Sea’s Code Of Conduct (COC) will likely be on the agenda at this week’s ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Retreat, but analysts do not expect any major breakthroughs to be reached in Chiang Mai.

15 January 2019

Huawei fires employee detained in Poland

Huawei said Saturday it has fired a Chinese employee who was arrested in Poland on espionage allegations, as China's telecom giant distanced itself from the case amid Western concerns that it could act as a proxy for Chinese security services.

13 January 2019

Myanmar: Meth capital of the world

A report by the International Crisis Group (ICG) this week pointing out that Myanmar’s Shan State is one of the world’s largest producers of crystal methamphetamine is hardly surprising.

12 January 2019

China’s malign secrecy

Secrets may be among the most valuable assets that governments have: the Trojan Horse, the Enigma code, the Manhattan Project, and surprise attacks such as Pearl Harbor, the Six-Day War, and the Yom Kippur War are just a few of the best-known examples.

11 January 2019

China hopes US, North Korea 'meet halfway'

Chinese President Xi Jinping offered North Korean leader Kim Jong-un firm backing in deadlocked nuclear talks with the United States (US) and reasserted Beijing's key role in the wider process, according to the two allies' state media Thursday.

10 January 2019

Did China offer to bail out Malaysia’s 1MDB?

Malaysia said Tuesday it was investigating alleged claims China offered to help bail out scandal-hit state fund 1MDB and get foreign probes into the controversy dropped in return for securing infrastructure deals.

9 January 2019

ASEAN: Outlook for 2019 Part 2

Aside from election fever and concerns over free trade, it is likely that Southeast Asia will play a much bigger role in global geopolitics in 2019.

7 January 2019

China may put reforms on hold to boost economy

President Xi Jinping hailed China's "reconstructive reforms" in a New Year speech, but the sorely needed changes could be put on ice in favour of averting a potentially devastating economic downturn.

6 January 2019