Communist Party of Vietnam

Vietnam and the dilemma of new wealth

Five days before United States (US) President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met in Hanoi for their second summit, two former Vietnamese ministers of communications were arrested and charged with “violations related to management and use of public capital.” The two officials are alleged to have approved a state-owned telecom company’s purchase of a private television provider for over four times its estimated value, at a loss to the state of around US$307 million.Similarly,

1 March 2019

Vietnam activist placed under house arrest

A Vietnamese activist was put under house arrest and barred from leaving the country after she defaced the national flag, she told media on Friday, vowing to fight for democracy in the one-party state where dissent is swiftly stamped out.Authorities in the communist country show little tolerance for criticism of any kind, and desecrating national symbols such as the yellow-starred red flag is deemed particularly offensive.

12 August 2018