Economic Loss

Philippine volcano has destroyed livelihoods

Decimated fish, scarred coffee plants and vanished tourists: the Taal volcano eruption in the Philippines has inflicted significant damage on the livelihoods of tens of thousands and is expected to cause more.When Taal exploded to life last Sunday it spewed towering columns of fine grey ash, which officials said destroyed crops and killed off potentially tonnes of fish raised in the lake that rings the volcano."We lost a lot of money because all our fish are gone," said Cesario Rodr

19 January 2020

ASEAN nations hard hit by natural disasters

2017 was a devastating year for countries most vulnerable to natural disasters. Throughout the year, a high frequency of catastrophic flooding, hurricanes, storms and wildfires ravaged the world, incurring double the economic loss and cost as opposed to similar disasters that occurred in 2016.

5 December 2018

10 costliest natural disasters in 20 years

Thailand’s Great Flood of 2011 which took place between July and December affected more than two-thirds of the country. The event, deemed the worst flooding in half a century, affected 65 out of the country’s 77 provinces, killing more than 800 people. It was estimated that 13.6 million lives were affected, with a million of them displaced or left homeless. The economic damages associated with the flooding event were widespread.

12 October 2018