Dazzling and deadly: Five facts about volcanoes

The eruption of a volcano near the Philippine capital has delivered a dazzling but highly dangerous spectacle since it began spewing superheated steam on Sunday.The Taal volcano's bursts of lightning and monster clouds of ash have drawn crowds of gaping observers, but also prompted thousands to flee from its fury.Here are five facts about the mix of beauty and terror that volcanoes produce: Lightning Large eruptions sometimes put on a stunning display of lightning strik

14 January 2020

Ash pours from Philippine volcano, halts flights

The Philippines was on alert Monday for the "explosive eruption" of a volcano south of Manila, which officials said could be imminent after a massive column of ash forced a halt to flights at the capital's main airport.

13 January 2020

How to Be on Time for Your Flight This Raya

You know Raya is close when Sudirman’s evergreen song Balik Kampung is played out loud everywhere, including inside your office. For those who bought flight tickets months in advance, great! Flying is way better, and perhaps cheaper, than having to brave through mind-numbing traffic to reach your hometown.Be it a first-timer or a frequent flyer, catching a flight can either be pleasant or a race against time.

12 May 2019