7 Best Spots to Have Authentic Muslim-Friendly Chinese Food in Hong Kong

One of the bigger concerns of our Muslim friends when they’re planning for their trip to Hong Kong is the difficulty (or the idea) of finding proper halal food there, or even Muslim-friendly ones for that matter. But the good news is, it’s not that hard to find — some are even close to landmarks....
28 June 2019

A 4D/3N Guide For The Non-Swimmer At The Gilis, Lombok

Everyone dreams of a beach/island getaway; it’s a given. We’re helplessly attracted to the seas and sand, and some fun under the sun. However, for us non-swimmers, this could pose as a problem — or even a risk, at most. But, we can’t help it. We want to dip our toes in the hot sand...
19 June 2019

9 Ways To ‘Fall’ In Love With Kyushu, Japan

You may have been to Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido, and may even proclaim yourself to be a true lover of Japanese culture, people or history — a Japanophile, or the Japanese equivalent, ‘shinnichi’ (親日). However, you wouldn’t call yourself a true fan unless you’ve been to Kyushu. Earlier this year, AirAsia launched a new route...
29 May 2019

Eating and Drinking Your Way Through Autumn in Perth

As the cool winds of autumn start to sweep across the rugged, rural landscape of Western Australia, the sunny state brims with exquisite seasonal offerings. Sunrise drapes itself over Perth’s skyline, drawing its bright crimson curtains over the Western Australian capital. It isn’t long before the sun comes out in full swing, revealing a magnificent...
29 April 2019