Global Muslim Travel Index

Malaysia, Indonesia rivalry heats up

Malaysia and Indonesia have long been rivals – battling over territorial supremacy, diplomatic issues and even cultural appropriation.From alleged theft of traditions to the superiority of their national football teams, bragging rights between these two ASEAN countries have been as hot an issue as the fiery sambal (chili sauce or paste) they are both so proud of.This year’s Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2019 released last week provides citizens of both countries

19 April 2019

ASEAN scores strongly on Muslim travel index

Three ASEAN countries finished in the top-10 of last year’s Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2018 in a strong acknowledgement of the region’s reputation as an Islamic tourism hub. Malaysia topped the index for the eighth straight year, finishing ahead of Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates and cementing its position in the global Islamic tourism market.

14 January 2019