Welcome to Japan, Where You Can Find Pokémon on Manhole Covers

Japan being Japan, is never lacking when it comes to offbeat and kawaii (cute) stuff. Their latest offering? Pokémon manhole covers!Of course we shouldn’t expect anything less from a country that has their own Japan Society of Manhole Covers. Yes, it’s a thing. The website, entirely in Japanese, features submissions on nothing else but the variety of manhole covers available here. Manhole covers in Japan are unique according to their locality, functionality and manufacturer.

13 August 2019

How Do Malaysians Spend Their Honeymoon? We Asked 7 Couples

Ah, honeymoon. The period when spouses haven’t begun bickering on piled-up dishes, toilet seat positions and whose hair is all over the floor.All the more reason you should cherish this brief moment. Make it count. Throw a dart on a map, book a flight with travel360.com, get a room at AirAsiaGo.com!Now on to the question, how much do Malaysians typically spend on a honeymoon?

22 March 2019