Human Rights

Rising Anti-Chinese Sentiment In Indonesia

The ongoing discrimination against Uyghur Muslims in China continues unabated despite media attention from across the globe. Uyghurs, who mostly live in the Xinjiang administrative region, are known to suffer inhumane treatment at the hands of the Chinese government.

4 July 2020

Internet Blackout In Rakhine Enters Second Year

The internet shutdown in Myanmar's conflict-ridden northwest, described by rights groups as the world's longest, entered a second year Sunday with locals and campaigners appealing for an end to the blackout as coronavirus fears grip the region.The Myanmar military has been embroiled in a bloody civil war since January 2019 against the Arakan Army (AA), an insurgent group fighting for more autonomy for ethnic Rakhine Buddhists.The government shut down mobile data in several townships

22 June 2020

Freedom In ASEAN Summed Up In A Week

ASEAN member states have had an eventful seven days.  In recent years, Southeast Asia has enjoyed increasing democratisation along with economic growth.

19 June 2020

Will Hong Kong Be Tiananmen 2.0?

Hong Kong is on a knife’s edge. Once one of Asia’s freest and most open cities, it now faces the spectre of a new China-imposed security law that would curtail its people’s liberties and create a climate of fear. The law is in flagrant breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which is registered at the United Nations (UN), and would open the way for widespread human-rights violations.

17 June 2020

Why The Philippines Needs An Anti-Terror Bill

It has been three years now since the tragic “Marawi Siege”, but until now, terrorist attacks continue to permeate the Philippines making it hard for the government to secure its citizens from those who persistently seek to attack the lives and the way of life of every Filipino. The Marawi Siege just like the tragic events of 11 September (9/11), the Bali bombings, and the home-grown terrorists’ attacks in London, is the quintessence of the country’s long struggle against terrorism.

14 June 2020

ASEAN’s Human Rights Struggle

Human rights are fundamental to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, or religion. However, due to the diverse cultures and varying political structures in Southeast Asia, tackling human rights issues remains a major hurdle for the region. In the wake of the pandemic, human rights issues have been highlighted by authorities and rights groups around the world.

14 June 2020

Filipinos Rally Against Anti-Terror Bill

Hundreds of protesters rallied in Manila Friday against anti-terrorism legislation that critics fear would give Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte sweeping powers to stifle dissent. The bill, which has been approved by Congress and is expected to be signed into law by Duterte, would create a council of presidential appointees that could order warrantless arrests of people it deems are terrorists.It also allows for weeks of detention without charge. Activists fear the legis

13 June 2020

ASEAN’s Missing Activists: Where Are They?

On Monday, about 30 activists gathered outside the Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, calling on the Cambodian government to help find pro-democracy Thai activist Wanchalearm Satsksit.

11 June 2020

LGBT+ Community Hit Hard By The Pandemic

The LGBT+ community has always been made a scapegoat for natural or man-made disasters through the years. In 2005, one of the worst disasters to hit the United States (US) was hurricane Katrina, which killed an estimated 1,836 people. Maurice Mills, a local politician from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) received major backlash for claiming that the reason the state of New Orleans was severely affected by the hurricane was because God had decided to punish its gay community.

18 May 2020

Giving Lao’s Girls A Better Future

Over the years, there have been more girls attending schools and completing their studies with many focusing on their careers and a bright future. Girls are also leading global movements on issues ranging from climate change and poverty to gender-based violence and child marriages, proving themselves to be unstoppable. In Lao PDR, youths below the age of 25 make up more than half of the country’s population.

10 May 2020

Press Freedom In A Pandemic World

I had been captive in Afghanistan for about two weeks when the government of my home country, Canada, contacted those attempting to negotiate my release. They told negotiators to get me on the phone the next day, when the United States (US) military would be flying a drone over where they thought I was being held, in order to determine my whereabouts.The negotiators were unable to secure that concession.

7 May 2020