Kratom: Miracle treatment or dangerous drug?

The sweltering backwaters of Indonesian Borneo have become the unlikely ground zero for the global production and export of Kratom, a tree leaf hailed by some as a miracle cure for everything from opioid addiction to anxiety.

9 February 2019

Indonesian youth optimistic about diversity

The Indonesia Millennial Report 2019 has revealed an encouraging discovery: despite the numerous reports on a supposed increase in conservatism in the country, some 89.1 percent of the millennial generation have an optimistic outlook on diversity in Ind

23 January 2019

Can cash curb corruption in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s National Police recently announced that it would increase the allowances of police officers by 70 percent. According to police chief General Tito Karnavian, the allowances would apply retroactively and would be paid out this month.

17 January 2019

Indonesia recovers second Lion Air black box

The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) from an Indonesian Lion Air jet that crashed in October has been recovered, officials said Monday, a discovery that could be critical to explaining why the brand-new plane fell out of the sky just after take-off.

15 January 2019

ASEAN scores strongly on Muslim travel index

Three ASEAN countries finished in the top-10 of last year’s Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2018 in a strong acknowledgement of the region’s reputation as an Islamic tourism hub.

14 January 2019

Using sound to combat deforestation

Last week, researchers urged conservationists and palm oil companies tackling deforestation and forest fires to rely less on satellite imagery and to start “listening” to the sounds of the forest instead.

7 January 2019

ASEAN: Outlook for 2019 Part 1

2018 proved to be a tumultuous year for the region. Some ASEAN countries faced major challenges. For example, Indonesia was struck by disasters multiple times from earthquakes to a tragic plane crash to a devastating tsunami.

6 January 2019