International Criminal Court

The illusion of a rules-based global order

When the Cold War ended, many pundits anticipated a new era in which geo-economics would determine geopolitics. As economic integration progressed, they predicted, the rules-based order would take root globally. Countries would comply with international law or incur high costs.Today, such optimism looks more than a little naive.

22 December 2019

Rome Statute: Was Malaysia hasty?

The Rome Statute is a multilateral treaty that helped establish the International Criminal Court (ICC) on 1 July, 2002. The powers of the ICC are limited to prosecuting those who have committed genocide, crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression and war crimes. To date, over 130 countries have signed the treaty while over 100 countries have ratified it. Among the ASEAN countries that have not signed it as yet are Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar and Malaysia.

9 April 2019

Philippines out of International Criminal Court

The Philippines was officially out of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Sunday, though the beleaguered tribunal has pledged to pursue its examination of alleged illegal killings in the government's drug war.Under court rules, Manila's withdrawal took force a year after it told the United Nations (UN) that it was quitting the world's only permanent war crimes tribunal, the second nation to do so."The Secretary-General...informed all concerned states that the withdra

18 March 2019

UN: ‘Ongoing genocide' against Rohingya

A genocide against Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims is still continuing, United Nations (UN) investigators said Wednesday as they presented a report to the Security Council, calling for the issue to be referred to an international tribunal.Marzuki Darusman, chairman of the UN Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar, said that beyond mass killings, the conflict included the ostracization of the population, prevention of births, and widespread displacement in camps."It is an ongoing genocide,"

29 October 2018

More mayoral murders

As the Philippines heads towards next year’s congressional and local elections, the assassinations of public officials may be on the rise again. Alexander Buquing, mayor of Bangar in La Union province was killed by unknown gunmen on 1 October on his way home. His driver and a police officer were also killed while his wife – also his vice mayor – was injured.Political killings have always occurred in the Philippines. A spate of shootings often precedes elections.

3 October 2018

Can the ICC bring justice to Myanmar?

The heat on the government of Myanmar and the Tatmadaw is growing. After strong international pressure and condemnation of the country due to its actions against the Rohingya Muslims, the International Criminal Court (ICC) is finally stepping in. On 18 September, the ICC’s prosecutor opened a preliminary probe into Myanmar’s alleged crimes against the Rohingya.

25 September 2018

UN: Myanmar army brutality 'hard to fathom'

Myanmar's army has used unfathomable levels of violence against minority Rohingya, United Nations (UN) investigators said Tuesday, calling for the military to be removed from politics and top generals to be prosecuted for genocide.The UN report, which laid out in meticulous detail a vast array of violations committed by the country's powerful military, came just hours before the International Criminal Court's prosecutor announced a preliminary probe into crimes against Rohingya

19 September 2018