International Monetary Fund

Why the Pakistan-terrorist link continues

Once again, an attack on India by a Pakistan-based terrorist group has raised the spectre of a major confrontation on the Indian subcontinent and fuelled international pressure for Pakistan to take concrete action against the 22 United Nations (UN)-designated terrorist entities it hosts.

10 March 2019

China's Belt and Road tempts states

China's massive Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) building push may create debt risks but is also responding to major infrastructure gaps in Asia and could boost global trade, World Bank officials say.

16 October 2018

Seeds of next global financial crisis being sown

Rising United States (US) interest rates, tanking emerging market currencies and a bitter US-China trade spat could push the world towards its next financial crisis but there is still time to avert disaster, global finance chiefs have said.

15 October 2018

IMF chief: Leaders need to fix economic models

World leaders need to fix global trading systems instead of trying to tear them down, International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde said Wednesday, in a rebuke to nationalist politicians pushing tariffs and protectionism.

11 October 2018

South Korea’s looming crisis

Twenty years after the Asian financial crisis, South Korea seems to have learned its lesson, having taken great pains to strengthen its economic resilience.

9 October 2017