New MRT to battle Jakarta’s traffic congestion

Jakarta commuter Irnawati can spend up to four hours daily in her car, but now she and millions of others may get some relief as the traffic-clogged Southeast Asian city opens its first mass rapid-transit (MRT) system.

24 March 2019

Using technology to solve traffic woes

The traffic situation in Southeast Asia is famous for all the wrong reasons. Although some countries have taken steps to minimise congestion such as Vietnam’s ban on motorcycles by 2030, and Singapore’s deployment of road tolls and an expensive certificate of entitlement to reduce the number of car ownerships, the traffic situation in the region could still use some help.

23 March 2019

Jakarta ex-governor freed from prison

Jakarta's former governor was released from prison Thursday, nearly two years after his blasphemy conviction fanned fears of religious intolerance in the world's biggest Muslim-majority nation.

25 January 2019

Managing Jakarta’s water-related risks

Every day, Jakarta’s 13.5 million people face water-related risks. Some have too much water, while others just do not have enough. Some have water but it is not consumable because of dirt or salt.

22 August 2018

Indonesia set for 2018 Asian Games

Indonesia has set aside worries about terrorism, street crime and Jakarta's notorious traffic, saying it is ready to roll for the Asian Games in a week's time.

12 August 2018

Smart City Spotlight: Jakarta

The Indonesian capital of Jakarta is known worldwide for its luxury hotels, malls, antiques along Jalan Surabaya and various national and historical monuments – just to name a few.

28 May 2018