Kem Sokha

Last man standing: Cambodia opposition MPs brace for dissolution

Dozens of their fellow MPs have fled into exile and the prime minister has warned they face "hell", but a handful of Cambodian opposition politicians are standing firm ahead of a court ruling almost certain to dissolve their party for good.Among the holdouts is Lim Kimya, 65, who continues to show up to work for the painstaking task of debating the government's 2018 budget.But his routine belies the perilous state of his Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), which strongman pr

14 November 2017

Fate of Cambodia’s opposition hangs in the balance

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s 32-year grip on the nation has tightened further when the country’s parliament passed amendments to the laws governing political parties which would redistribute seats to smaller parties if the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) is dissolved.67 MPs (member of parliaments) of the ruling party including Hun Sen himself voted in favour of the amendment which passed without any debate.

18 October 2017

The systemic destruction of Cambodia's democracy

Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen is on an unstoppable onslaught. Communal elections in June this year have shown that his ruling CPP (Cambodian People’s Party) is fast losing its foothold amongst voters. Supporters are leaving his party in droves in favour of the opposition CNRP (Cambodian National Rescue Party) ahead of the general election slated for next year. But Hun Sen is having none of this.

12 October 2017

Half of Cambodia's opposition have fled the country

Nearly half of Cambodia's opposition parliamentarians have fled abroad in the past month to escape a government crackdown that has battered their party with legal cases, an MP said on Wednesday.The exodus further imperils the prospects of a party that poses the only viable challenge to premier Hun Sen in next year's national poll.The strongman has smothered dissent in the lead-up to the election and is accused of picking off his critics through a series of dubious court cases.

4 October 2017

Has Hun Sen won the battle and the war?

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s crackdown on his critics have taken a turn for the worse as opposition parliamentarians have fled the country for fear of being incarcerated like their opposition leader, Kem Sokha.Hun Sen’s actions came amidst fears that his 32-year rule in the country might end due to increased support for the opposition.

2 October 2017

Democracy sours for Cambodia as opposition leader denied bail

Cambodia’s leader of the opposition, Kem Sokha was not granted bail, three weeks after police descended to his home and carted him away to a prison at the Cambodia-Vietnam border."The court decided to uphold the provisional detention warrant (of Kem Sokha)," Touch Tharith, a spokesman for the Court of Appeals, was quoted by the AFP (Agence France-Presse).However, the opposition politician and leader of the CNRP (Cambodia National Rescue Party) was not present at the court hearing am

27 September 2017

The dragon's acquiescent viceroy

Despite silencing the opposition by arresting opposition icon, Kem Sokha, controversially shutting down an English daily and facing immense criticism for his actions, Hun Sen – Cambodia’s Prime Minister – still sleeps well at night knowing that he has got the resolute backing of a regional superpower.China has continually supported Hun Sen’s actions to protect its national security from Western powers as well as vowing to cooperate and assist the frontier nation in all circumstances.In respon

25 September 2017

Is there space for democracy in Cambodia?

Democracy is under threat in Cambodia. In the run-up to the general elections next year, longstanding Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen recently closed down several media outlets operating within the country.

12 September 2017

ASEAN remains silent, yet again

Thousands of Rohingyas fled the Rakhine state of Myanmar, having already endured violence in all manner and form – witnessing family members and loved ones killed, tortured, raped and seen houses burnt to the ground. Further south of the Indochina Peninsula, the 32-year iron fisted rule of Cambodian premier, Hun Sen continues to take its toll on the civil liberties of regular Cambodians.

8 September 2017

Kem Sokha's daughter: A move to cripple CNRP

The future of Cambodia’s political landscape is undoubtedly looking bleak. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has ruled since 1985 is known to silence critics and hold the media on a tight leash especially with national elections scheduled for next year.

7 September 2017

What does Hun Sen have to lose?

The arrest of Cambodian opposition leader Kem Sokha on Sunday drew criticism from the mass public and many other international organisations. Kem Sokha, who is the opposition leader of the CNRP (Cambodia National Rescue Party), has been charged with treason and espionage on September 5, 2017.According to a statement released by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, the Cambodian opposition leader could face a jail term of up to 30 years if convicted.

6 September 2017

Cambodian opposition leader charged with treason, espionage

A Cambodian court on Tuesday charged opposition leader Kem Sokha with treason and espionage over an alleged conspiracy with unnamed foreigners, as strongman premier Hun Sen intensifies his assault on his political enemies.Opponents of Hun Sen, as well as NGOs (Non-governmental organisations) and the critical press, have increasingly been smothered by court cases and threats before a crucial general election next year.Kem Sokha, 64, a veteran opposition politician who has formally led the CNRP

5 September 2017