Kim Jong Un

North Korea's Kim pays tribute to Ho Chi Minh

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un paid tribute to Vietnam's late revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh on Saturday before starting his long journey home through China, after his Hanoi summit with United States (US) President Donald Trump ended without a nuclear deal.

4 March 2019

Trump, Kim end summit abruptly

The United States (US) and North Korea on Friday put forward starkly different accounts over the breakdown of a high-stakes summit in Hanoi but offered guarded hope that they could meet again.

1 March 2019

The Vietnam model for North Korea

In Hanoi, Vietnam, this week for his second summit with United States (US) President Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s 35-year-old leader, will not only be looking for a deal with the US on the nuclear issue.

27 February 2019

Nuclear weapons on menu at Trump-Kim dinner

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un meet Wednesday in Hanoi for the second date in an unlikely friendship that the United States (US) president hopes will push North Korea's reclusive leader closer to reaching a deal on his nuclear arsenal.

27 February 2019

How Kim has played Trump

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is eager to hold a second summit with United States (US) President Donald Trump. Since their first meeting in Singapore in June, Kim has consistently outmanoeuvred his counterpart.

25 November 2018

North Korea tests 'ultramodern tactical weapon'

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has overseen the testing of a "newly developed ultramodern tactical weapon", Pyongyang's state media reported Friday, in a move that will raise the temperature over denuclearisation talks.

16 November 2018

US-North Korea at an impasse

When the historic summit between the United States (US) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) took place in Singapore earlier this year, many believed the impossible could finally be achieved – peace between the two Koreas and a nuclear f

4 September 2018

China slams Trump over North Korea

China on Saturday called Donald Trump "irresponsible" after the United States (US) president cancelled his top diplomat's trip to North Korea and suggested Beijing was stalling efforts to disarm Pyongyang.

26 August 2018

Trump is in denial about North Korea

No one yet knows what deals United States (US) President Donald Trump may have struck with Russian President Vladimir Putin during their private two-hour meeting in Helsinki.

20 July 2018

Denuclearisation talks underway in Pyongyang

United States (US) Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is back in Pyongyang for his third visit to the hermit kingdom, for further discussions on denuclearisation on the back of the historic summit between the leaders of both states in Singapore last month.

6 July 2018