300 kg meth bust in Vietnam

Vietnam police have busted a massive meth ring in a Ho Chi Minh City mansion allegedly run by a Chinese national who used a textile company as a cover for the operation, police and state media reported Thursday.

22 March 2019

Concerns in Lao, lessons from Sihanoukville

Recent reports have revealed that villagers in the remote Lao settlement of Huaiyae in the scenic Vang Vieng region north of Vientiane have expressed concern about the possibility of losing their land to a Chinese development project.

22 January 2019

Lao’s hydropower ambitions

According to a World Bank report on Lao in 2017, the country pleasantly surprised many by becoming one of the fastest growing in the region. The World Bank even ranked Lao as the 13th fastest growing economy of 2016.

23 February 2018

ASEAN tackling the drug menace today

Vietnamese police have seized US$3 million worth of heroin hidden inside packets of tea and smuggled from Laos on Thursday, which is the largest recorded haul of the drug in the country.

5 January 2018

The Mekong river continues to suffer

Just like the Nile in Egypt and the Yangtze in China, the Mekong river plays just as big a role in the Southeast Asian region unifying six different countries throughout.

3 January 2018