A 4D/3N Guide For The Non-Swimmer At The Gilis, Lombok

Everyone dreams of a beach/island getaway; it’s a given. We’re helplessly attracted to the seas and sand, and some fun under the sun. However, for us non-swimmers, this could pose as a problem — or even a risk, at most. But, we can’t help it. We want to dip our toes in the hot sand...
19 June 2019

10 Best Beaches in Lombok to Visit Now Before They Get Too Crowded

Lombok is often dubbed as the new Bali, but we don’t quite agree. The island has its own charm and comparing it to its more popular neighbour it’s doing both islands a disservice. One of the reasons why we love Lombok is the untouched beaches. They have not been overrun with rampant development, and the...
26 May 2019

AirAsia Officiates the Newest Hub in Lombok

AirAsia today officiated its newest hub on the island of Lombok in Indonesia’s West Nusa Tenggara province. AirAsia’s new Lombok hub is part of ongoing efforts to support the Indonesian government and Ministry of Tourism’s initiative to develop Lombok as one of “10 New Balis”. At the officiating ceremony, AirAsia unveiled a specially designed livery...
3 May 2019