Depleting bank accounts and stealing identities

Credential stuffing has the potential to wipe out bank accounts and steal identities – and Southeast Asia is one of the biggest culprits.A sophisticated strike where hackers use specialised software to launch multiple automatic attempts to log into a website or app using stolen usernames and passwords, the term “credential stuffing” is widely credited to Sumit Agarwal, the co-founder of cybersecurity firm Shape Security who coined it when serving as the United States’ Deputy Assistant Secreta

25 September 2019

Ransomware could cripple ASEAN

Ransomware is making its way back as one of the biggest threats to cybersecurity.A malicious software (malware) hidden in links, attachments or websites, ransomware locks computers through encryption and then demands money to restore access.While information technology (IT) experts speculated that ransomware cases would increase last year after dominating cyberspace discussions in 2017 with high-profile worldwide outbreaks such as WannaCrypt and Petya, these fears failed to materialise.Source

10 September 2019