Internet shutdowns could cost ASEAN dearly

The ASEAN Post recently ran a story on the world’s longest internet shutdown in the northern part of Rakhine State in Myanmar and the concept of digital rights as a legitimate human right.

14 January 2020

Indonesia calls for probe into Papua deaths

Indonesia's human rights commission called for a probe into scores of deaths in Papua on Friday after some of the deadliest violence in years swept the restive region.Dozens were killed when riots broke out in Wamena city last month, with some victims burned alive when buildings were set ablaze, and others stabbed in the chaos.Since mid-August, Papua has been hit by waves of mass protests and violence fuelled by racism against indigenous Papuans by Indonesians from other parts of the arc

19 October 2019

More than 16,000 flee unrest in Papua

More than 16,000 scared residents have fled an unrest-hit city in Indonesia's Papua region, the military said Monday, as one of the deadliest eruptions of violence in years sparked calls for an independent probe.Several dozen people were killed when violence broke out in Wamena city last month, with some victims burned alive when buildings were ablaze, and others stabbed in the chaos, according to authorities.Since mid-August, Papua has been hit by waves of mass protests and violence fue

8 October 2019

At least 20 killed, dozens injured in Papua unrest

At least 20 people were killed and dozens more injured as fresh unrest erupted in Indonesia's restive Papua region Monday, with some victims burned to death in buildings set ablaze by protesters, authorities said.Papua, on the western half of New Guinea island, has been gripped by weeks of violent protests fuelled by anger over racism, as well as fresh calls for self-rule in the impoverished territory.Sixteen people were killed in Wamena city where hundreds demonstrated and burned down a

24 September 2019

Toddler, teen killed in Papua clash

A toddler and teenager were among three people killed in a gunfight between security forces and independence-seeking rebels in Indonesia's restive Papua region, the military said Thursday.The deadly clash comes after mass demonstrations and violence gripped Papua - on the western half of New Guinea island - fuelled by anger over racism and fresh calls for self-rule in Indonesia's easternmost territory.The military said three civilians were killed, including a toddler and teenager, w

20 September 2019

Australians deported for Papua demonstration

Four Australians were deported from Indonesia’s Papua region on Monday, the immigration department said, after they allegedly took part in demonstrations demanding independence for the restive province.Impoverished Papua, where a low-level insurgency against Indonesian control has simmered for decades, has seen two weeks of mass protests and deadly riots sparked by anger over racism and fresh calls for self-rule.The four foreigners entered the island region on a yacht through the port of Soro

3 September 2019

Police arrest dozens after Papua riots

Dozens have been arrested over rioting in the capital of Indonesia's Papua region, police said Sunday, following nearly two weeks of mass protests in the easternmost territory of the Southeast Asian archipelago.The announcement came as Indonesia said it would deploy some 2,500 more police and troops to Papua, adding to about 1,200 personnel it had already sent after unrest sparked by anger over racism and calls for independence.On Thursday, more than a thousand demonstrators hurled stone

2 September 2019

Five things about unrest-hit Papua

Papua has plunged into chaos with deadly riots and mass demonstrations breaking out across Indonesia's easternmost territory, fanned by racial tensions and fresh calls for independence.Here are five things to know about the unrest:What started the riots?The riots appear to have been sparked by the arrest this month of dozens of Papuan students in Indonesia's second-biggest city Surabaya.Police in riot gear stormed a dormitory to force out students accused of destroying an Indonesian

1 September 2019

Rioters torch buildings in Indonesia's Papua

Indonesia's Papua plunged into chaos again Thursday as angry protesters torched buildings in its capital after nearly two weeks of riots and demonstrations in the easternmost province of the archipelago.More than a thousand demonstrators marched around Jayapura hurling stones and setting fire to shops and an assembly building following a deadly clash in another part of the jungle-clad province, which shares the island with independent Papua New Guinea.Carrying placards bearing the image

30 August 2019

Internet in Papua blocked over unrest fears

Indonesia has cut off internet access in unrest-hit Papua over fears that a stream of offensive and racist online posts would spark more violent protests in the region, but critics slammed the move as a threat to free speech.Riots and demonstrations brought several Papuan cities to a standstill this week, as buildings were torched and street battles broke out between police and protesters in Indonesia's easternmost territory.A rebel insurgency against Jakarta's rule has simmered for

23 August 2019

More troops as Papua hit by fresh unrest

Violent protests erupted anew Wednesday in Indonesia's restive Papua region, with a market torched and street battles breaking out between police and demonstrators as more than 1,000 security personnel were deployed to contain the unrest.Jakarta has called for calm in its easternmost territory - where an insurgency against Indonesian rule has simmered for decades - following riots triggered by the detention of dozens of Papuan students in Java at the weekend.On Wednesday, as man

22 August 2019

Papua conflict: Two wrongs don’t make a right

Last Tuesday, an Indonesian military spokesman was reported as saying that any use of child soldiers by Papuan independence fighters would be a violation of human rights. The spokesman said this violation would implicate both, the rebels as well as state institutions.The statement was made following the allegation that the armed conflict between Indonesia’s military and the West Papua Liberation Army involves indigenous teenagers and boys.

30 June 2019