10 Incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Asia For That Unforgettable Cultural Trip

As part of’s own UNESCO World Heritage sites week, we list down some of the most amazing sites in our very own backyard, so to speak. While there are three  categories to choose from, these sites actually had to go through a stringent qualification process – which we have detailed here. Here, we list down countries in Asia that specifically address cultural properties that made it on to the list here.You know what’s the best part, though?

11 June 2019

7 Sports That Are Unique to Southeast Asia

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of the popular sports played around the world are the products of Western civilisation. But what did we do to break some sweat before the Europeans brought football and badminton to Southeast Asia? Pretty sure it wasn’t just congkak (mancala games) and wau (kite-flying).Yes, we do have our own sports, games that are unique to the Southeast Asian region.

6 May 2019