Indonesia trims tsunami death toll

The number of people evacuated after Indonesia's deadly tsunami has nearly doubled to some 40,000 while more than 7,000 were injured in the disaster, officials said Friday, as they trimmed the official death toll.Authorities said 426 people had been killed - down from a previous tally of 430 - with double-counting by different districts blamed for the change.

29 December 2018

A month on, Palu faces health crisis

Indonesia's quake-tsunami battered city of Palu is facing a public health crisis as torrential rains threaten to spread malaria and dengue fever to the devastated region a month after the disaster, aid agencies have warned.On 28 September, a magnitude 7.5 quake and a subsequent tsunami razed swathes of Palu on Sulawesi island, killing some 2,200 people and displacing more than 220,000.Thousands more are missing, presumed dead, after entire neighbourhoods were swallowed up by liquefaction

28 October 2018

UN warns Indonesia quake needs 'vast'

Nearly 1,400 people are now known to have died in the quake-tsunami that smashed into Indonesia's Sulawesi island, with United Nations (UN) officials warning needs are "vast" for both desperate survivors and rescue teams still searching for victims.Almost 200,000 people want urgent help, the UN's humanitarian office said, among them tens of thousands of children, with an estimated 66,000 homes destroyed or damaged by the 7.5-magnitude quake and the tsunami it spawned.Survi

3 October 2018