11 of Our Favourite Sights and Scenes in Quanzhou

When thinking of taking a trip to China, we admit that Quanzhou probably wouldn’t be one of the few places that would come to mind. However, allow us to change your mind because we changed ours after our recent visit there. We detailed our adventures in our previous articles, of course, such as 8 Fun...
6 September 2019

8 Fun and Exciting Things to Do in Quanzhou and JinJiang, China

If you’re Malaysian, you’re probably giggling at the mention of the word ‘Jinjiang’ because of our ‘Jinjang Joe’ references. For the uninitiated, guys who try too hard to be fashionable but end up as fashion misfits are often referred to as ‘Jinjang Joes’. But no, this is not the Jinjang near Kepong. This place is...
28 March 2019