Rap Against Dictatorship

Growing dissent among Thailand’s students

Following the now viral anti-junta rap song "What My Country's Got" (Pratheet Go Mee) by hip-hop collective Rap Against Dictatorship (RAD), another rap song had surfaced earlier this month. This latest song is by a 17-year-old rapper Thanayut Na Ayutthaya, better known as Elevenfinger.Lyrics to Elevenfinger’s song “Equality” shines a light on Thai politics and the country’s poor education system. Some of the lyrics include “A country killing the people...

21 November 2018

Thailand’s music wars

As this is being written, Rap Against Dictatorship’s (RAD) “What my country's got” (Prathet Goo Mee) has managed to garner more than 28 million views on YouTube, and is still being talked about in both, foreign and local news.

7 November 2018

Thai junta’s response to viral rap flops

The hip-hop group whose savage lyrical attack on Thailand's repressive junta that has been viewed over 26 million times has received an unlikely rap riposte from authorities armed with a tame ditty urging people to "do your best today and tomorrow".The beef is with the Rap Against Dictatorship (RAD) collective whose anthem "What's my country got?" (Prathet Goo Mee), denouncing military rule, has caught the public mood like no other Thai political song.Shot in bla

4 November 2018

Rap song challenges junta

A song entitled “What my country's got” (Prathet Goo Mee) by Thai rap group Rap Against Dictatorship is making waves on the internet. So far, it has managed to garner more than 23 million views on YouTube, and has topped Thailand’s iTunes download list. You can also find several reaction videos posted from people all around the world on YouTube as well.

31 October 2018