Rodrigo Duterte

Facebook needs fixing now!

Facebook, Inc. on Wednesday announced a ban on praise, support and representation of white nationalism and white separatism on Facebook and Instagram, which the media giant said it will start enforcing next week. 

30 March 2019

Mahathir warns Duterte about foreigner influx

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Thursday warned the Philippines against letting in foreigners who could "disturb" the country's domestic political stability, as President Rodrigo Duterte's Beijing pivot sparks an influx of Chinese workers.

8 March 2019

Philippines journalist Ressa freed on bail

Philippine journalist Maria Ressa was freed on bail on Thursday following an arrest that sparked international censure and allegations she is being targeted over her news site's criticism of President Rodrigo Duterte.

15 February 2019

Packed prisons in the Philippines

2019 is slated to be a year of elections for the Southeast Asian region. Not only will Indonesia see its first presidential election since 2014, Thailand too has promised to hold an election this year since the military coup of 2014.

13 January 2019

Martial law in Mindanao extended

Just as martial law in Mindanao was nearing its expiration, the Philippine Congress approved on 12 December a 12-month extension of the law. The extension received an overwhelming majority in Congress with 235 lawmakers voting for it.

21 December 2018

Battle of Marawi: Three months on

It has been just over 100 days since the Battle of Marawi, the military siege that lasted five months, from May to October last year. The Manila Times reported in October that over 47 civilians and around 970 militant terrorists were killed.

20 December 2018

Xi makes historic visit to the Philippines

Chinese President Xi Jinping called his visit Tuesday to long-time United States (US) ally the Philippines a "milestone", as he aims to boost blossoming ties on the promise of billions of dollars in backing for mega-projects.

21 November 2018

Holding Duterte accountable

On 12 October, the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs announced that the country had won its bid for a seat in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

29 October 2018