South China Sea

Duterte warns China to back off

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has warned Beijing to back off from a disputed island in the South China Sea, warning of possible military action if China "touches" it amid rising tensions over the key waterway.

5 April 2019

US vows Philippines defence if attacked by China

United States (US) Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday vowed to defend the Philippines against "armed attack" in the disputed South China Sea, in Washington's starkest warning yet against Chinese claims to most of the strategic waterway.

2 March 2019

Experts agree COC will take time

The South China Sea’s Code Of Conduct (COC) will likely be on the agenda at this week’s ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Retreat, but analysts do not expect any major breakthroughs to be reached in Chiang Mai.

15 January 2019

ASEAN: Outlook for 2019 Part 2

Aside from election fever and concerns over free trade, it is likely that Southeast Asia will play a much bigger role in global geopolitics in 2019.

7 January 2019

Is Beijing unstoppable in the South China Sea?

Verbal warnings, strongly worded statements and freedom of navigation operations (FONOPs) – all seem to have fallen on deaf ears as Beijing continues its pursuit of militarising islands in the disputed South China Sea.

24 December 2018

Xi makes historic visit to the Philippines

Chinese President Xi Jinping called his visit Tuesday to long-time United States (US) ally the Philippines a "milestone", as he aims to boost blossoming ties on the promise of billions of dollars in backing for mega-projects.

21 November 2018

Cambodia says no China naval base being built

Cambodia will not allow foreign military bases on its soil, strongman premier Hun Sen said Monday, swatting away United States (US) concerns about a possible Chinese naval site near hotly contested seas.

20 November 2018

The threat of overfishing

The issue of overfishing is the greatest threat to ocean ecosystems today. Overfishing occurs when fish are netted at a more rapid rate than they can reproduce.

17 September 2018