South Korea

South Korea keen to invest in Thailand

In line with its Thailand 4.0 goals, the Land of Smiles has been on an active lookout for foreign investors willing to finance projects under this initiative. South Korea recently expressed keen interest in doing so during the 60th anniversary of South Korea-Thailand diplomatic relations late last year.

15 April 2019

Female stars deny its them in K-pop sex videos

Female K-pop stars and actors have rushed to issue denials that they appear in sex videos secretly shot by male singers, illustrating women's fears about victim-blaming and stigma in the face of South Korea's enduring conservative social values.

17 March 2019

Kim boosted by China talks

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un came away from his fourth meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping with his hand strengthened in nuclear talks with the United States (US), analysts say, even as Seoul urged him to do more.

12 January 2019

Moon seeks to break nuclear deadlock

South Korean President Moon Jae-in travels to Pyongyang this week for his third summit with Kim Jong-un, looking to break the deadlock in nuclear talks between North Korea and the United States (US).

17 September 2018

Is North Korea on the path to denuclearisation?

This past weekend, Kim Jong-un made the surprising announcement that he would suspend nuclear missile tests with immediate effect. He also declared that he will shut down the site where the previous nuclear tests were conducted.

25 April 2018

Towards reconciliation of the two Koreas

Geopolitical developments in the Korean Peninsula have taken a turn for the better with North Korea agreeing to come to the meeting table with South Korea in April to deescalate prevailing nuclear tensions.

7 March 2018