Over a dozen injured in Philippines bombings

A series of explosions rocked a southern Philippine city known for Islamic State-linked violence on Sunday night, wounding at least 17 people including soldiers, a military official said.A hand grenade was thrown into a military truck patrolling Cotabato City in the restive southern island of Mindanao, with eight soldiers and four civilians sustaining injuries from the bomb's shrapnel.It was quickly followed by an improvised explosive device (IED) blast in the nearby to

23 December 2019

Dozens arrested after Indonesian suicide bombing

Dozens of suspected Indonesian militants have been rounded up after a suicide bomber linked to the Islamic State group killed himself and wounded six others in a police station attack last week, police said Monday.Some 45 suspects have been arrested since the Wednesday bombing in Medan on Sumatra island, while two bombmakers were shot dead during a raid, according to authorities.“The pair resisted arrest and tried to attack police with sharp weapons and an air gun,” National Police spokesman

20 November 2019

One dead, six injured in Indonesian suicide bombing

A suicide bomber blew himself up at a police station in Indonesia on Wednesday, killing himself and wounding six others, according to authorities who described the 24-year-old attacker as a “lone wolf”.The motive for the attack was not immediately known, but police stations have been frequent targets for radicals in the world’s biggest Muslim majority nation, which has long struggled with Islamist militancy.The blast happened around 8:45 am (0145 GMT) at the police compound in Medan on Sumatr

14 November 2019

Indonesia beefs-up security after IS-linked attack

Indonesian leader Joko Widodo ordered beefed-up security measures Friday after two militants from an Islamic State (IS)-linked terror group stabbed his chief security minister, with the politician in hospital recovering from emergency surgery.Police were searching for more suspects in the wake of the assassination attempt on Wiranto, a 72-year-old former army chief who goes by one name.The minister was knifed twice in the stomach as he left his vehicle in Pandeglang on Java island during an o

12 October 2019

Indonesia minister stabbed by IS-linked pair

Two members of an Islamic State group-linked terror network stabbed Indonesia's chief security minister Wiranto on Thursday, the intelligence head said, sending the powerful politician to emergency surgery for his wounds.Television images showed security officers wrestling a man and woman to the ground in Pandeglang on Java island after the attack on Wiranto, who goes by one name, as he was exiting a vehicle.The suspects were identified as 31-year-old Syahril Alamsyah and Fitri Andriana,

11 October 2019

Zakir Naik: Hate preacher?

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country where a multitude of ethnicities and people of varying religious beliefs call home. While Malay Muslims make up a large majority of Malaysians, non-Muslims and non-Malays have been able to co-exist with their Malay Muslim counterparts with relative ease. This peace, however, has not come without its own tests and over the years there have been black spots in Malaysia’s history.

23 August 2019

China labels HK protests as “terrorism”

Beijing on Wednesday slammed "terrorist-like" attacks on its citizens by pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong during a second day of chaos at the city's airport, as the United States (US) expressed concern over apparent Chinese troop movements at the border.The rallies, which had paralysed one of the world's busiest travel hubs, ended with ugly clashes on Tuesday night that included protesters beating two men.The Chinese government immediately seized on the attacks to int

15 August 2019

Danger: Rohingya

Following the conclusion of the 34th ASEAN Summit last weekend in Bangkok, Thailand, it came as no surprise that the bloc was heavily criticised for suggesting Rohingya refugees will repatriate back to Myanmar within two years. More than 740,000 Rohingya have fled to refugee camps in Bangladesh since a 2017 army crackdown on the stateless minority.

25 June 2019

Terrorism 3.0 is here

Until the other day, few Americans could likely find Sri Lanka on a map, nor even dimly remember its British colonial name, Ceylon. But the Indian Ocean nation flashed across news screens over the Easter weekend with a highly sophisticated and lethal series of bombings across the island nation of some 20 million.

24 April 2019

Indonesian police uncover huge explosives stash

Indonesian police said Thursday they had uncovered a huge stash of explosives linked to a terror suspect whose wife blew herself and a child up following a dramatic standoff at their home.The discovery of some 300 kilograms (660 pounds) of assembled explosives and bomb-making materials raised fears that a major attack was being planned, a month before national elections and less than a year after Indonesia was rocked by a wave of deadly suicide bombings.The suicide blast early Wednesday morni

15 March 2019

The importance of women in counter-terrorism

In May 2018, Indonesia was swept by a wave of terror attacks involving suicide bombers that targeted churches and the police headquarters in the city of Surabaya. What set this chain of events apart was the fact that they were carried out by members of the same families. In the incidents, the father and mother either shared militant roles with their children, or took their children along on their mission.

2 February 2019

Martial law in Mindanao extended

Just as martial law in Mindanao was nearing its expiration, the Philippine Congress approved on 12 December a 12-month extension of the law. The extension received an overwhelming majority in Congress with 235 lawmakers voting for it. Martial law in the Mindanao region was first implemented in May 2017, after hundreds of Islamic State (IS) affiliated militants took control of the city of Marawi. The siege lasted five months and saw over 47 civilians and around 970 militants killed.

21 December 2018