Thailand To Ease Nightlife Lockdown

Thailand's nightlife will restart with some restrictions this week, the kingdom announced Monday, part of a return to normalcy as it prepares to welcome business travellers and medical tourists after a ban on foreign entry.So far Thailand has 3,169 cases and 58 deaths from the coronavirus - a low toll considering the kingdom in mid-January became was the first country outside China to register a case. But the country's tourism-reliant economy has been hit hard by the border

30 June 2020

Mekong Under Great Threat

Water levels in Southeast Asia’s largest river may be at its lowest in a century.Low rainfall, high temperatures and poor dam regulations are contributing to a historic low at the Mekong, affecting lives, the region’s agriculture and fishing industries and leading to rapidly drying taps.Chinese dams control the flow of the 4,350-kilometre (km) river which originates in the Tibetan highlands before travelling across Myanmar, Lao, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

28 June 2020

Thais Call For Change On Anniversary Of Revolution

Thais on Wednesday marked the anniversary of a 1932 revolution which ended absolute monarchy with heavily symbolic events, demanding reforms to a political system dominated by the arch-royalist army.Protesters dressed as soldiers and a pre-dawn holographic display were among the subversive ways activists chose to commemorate Thailand's transition from absolutism to a constitutional monarchy on 24 June, 1932.Marking the revolution has become increasingly taboo under the government of form

25 June 2020

China Pressed On Mekong Dams After Low Water Levels

China was pressed Tuesday to show more transparency over its dam operations on the Mekong River, months after downstream water levels hit record lows and threatened millions of livelihoods.Lao, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam all battled severe drought last year as the tide of the river fell to record lows - exposing rocks, killing fish and threatening millions of livelihoods. But the dams along the waterway in China - where the river is known as the Lancang - held "above-average

17 June 2020

ASEAN’s Missing Activists: Where Are They?

On Monday, about 30 activists gathered outside the Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, calling on the Cambodian government to help find pro-democracy Thai activist Wanchalearm Satsksit.

11 June 2020

Cambodia To Probe Activist's Alleged Disappearance

Cambodian police said Tuesday they will investigate the alleged disappearance of a self-exiled Thai activist, denying any involvement in what a rights group claimed was an abduction.Pro-democracy activist Wanchalearm Satsksit, a sharp critic of the Thai government, was dragged into a car in broad daylight last week in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, according to Human Rights Watch, which cited witnesses and security camera footage."I would like to confirm that Cambodian authorities and

10 June 2020

Saving Thailand’s Virus-Hit Economy

When the COVID-19 virus first emerged in Wuhan, China – many didn’t think that the novel coronavirus would drastically change their lives indefinitely. As we enter the sixth month of the outbreak – livelihoods, major industries, local businesses and the economy in general have been severely affected due to the pandemic. Governments have ordered nationwide lockdowns, controlled movements and travel restrictions in order to contain the deadly virus.

5 June 2020

Anti-Blackness In Southeast Asia?

On Tuesday, social media feeds were flooded with black squares posted by corporations, celebrities, sports stars and the general public – along with the hashtag #BlackOutTuesday. It was reported that the idea was to fill Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with blackout squares, halting other activities on social media to free up the time usually dedicated to these platforms for people to educate themselves on the Black Lives Matter movement.

4 June 2020

Walls Close In On Poorest As Virus Shrivels Economy

Shuffling around their tiny slum home which is too small to stand up in, Thanapat Noidee and his wife Papassorn share donated noodles with their sons and worry about bills, as the coronavirus pushes Thailand's poor deeper into penury.The wood and breeze-block hut which is their home stands in the heart of a Bangkok commercial district festooned with five-star hotels and upmarket restaurants.They share the small space in the shadow of the nearby high-rise developments with their children

1 June 2020

A COVID-19 Shopping Nightmare

The coronavirus crisis has made many of us paranoid. Fear and anxiety intensify as the number of worldwide infections inch towards the six million mark. To date, over 350,000 people have succumbed to the deadly virus. Governments have imposed drastic measures to contain the virus such as citywide lockdowns and travel curbs.

28 May 2020

Thai Parliament Urged To Pass Biggest Stimulus Bill

Thailand's premier on Wednesday urged parliament to approve the kingdom's biggest-ever stimulus package to revive an economy battered by coronavirus, which has brought tourism to a standstill, slashed exports and left millions jobless. The THB1.9 trillion (US$59.6 billion) package would be a much-needed financial boost for Southeast Asia's second biggest economy, which is expected to shrink by 5-6 percent in 2020. Members of parliament - who inaugurated a new

28 May 2020