9 Ways to Be the Perfect Roommate or Vacay Buddy, PLUS Real-Life Roommate Disaster Stories

Whether you’re moving into a new home with housemates, or travelling in a group that would require you to share a room, there are certain rules that — for everybody’s comfort — we must be aware of and abide by.Unfortunately, some of us get so lost in our own worlds that we tend to forget about others, while some others have also experienced some very nasty roomie situations … but we’ll get to that later.So here we have a gentle reminder on how to be a good roommate — no, the perfect roommate

9 September 2019

How to Be on Time for Your Flight This Raya

You know Raya is close when Sudirman’s evergreen song Balik Kampung is played out loud everywhere, including inside your office. For those who bought flight tickets months in advance, great! Flying is way better, and perhaps cheaper, than having to brave through mind-numbing traffic to reach your hometown.Be it a first-timer or a frequent flyer, catching a flight can either be pleasant or a race against time.

12 May 2019