Traffic Jams

Jokowi wants Jakartans to use public transport

Indonesia’s president wants to encourage more people to use public transportation in Jakarta, which is known worldwide for its never-ending macet or traffic congestion.Speaking at the Presidential Palace last month, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo called for more people to use public transport and said he wanted to see better integration of its many modes in Greater Jakarta.Among the many public transportation systems in Greater Jakarta include the yet to be fully operational Mass Rapid Transi

10 February 2019

Jakarta’s anti-macet policy

Jakarta is known worldwide for its never-ending macet or traffic congestion. This year, it was ranked by the traffic information and navigation service provider Tomtom as the third city in the world most affected by traffic congestion, after Mexico City and Bangkok. Jakarta has over 13 million motorcycles and 4.4 million cars on its roads. It is estimated that more than 2.12 million trips are made from the outskirts of Jakarta into the city daily.

8 August 2018

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence could ease Southeast Asia’s traffic woes

The traffic situation in Southeast Asia, as we all know, is famous for all the wrong reasons. Although some countries have taken steps to minimise congestion such as Vietnam’s ban on motorcycles by 2030, and Singapore’s deployment of road tolls and an expensive certificate of entitlement to reduce the number of car ownerships, the traffic situation in the region could still use some help.

3 March 2018

Manila gridlock spurs dormitory demand in the Philippines

Ayala Land, which built Manila’s financial district, is expanding into workers’ dormitories as developers target people fed up with battling some of the world’s worst traffic.The company is investing three billion pesos (58 million dollars) building five dormitories on four sites in the Makati and Taguig business districts, comprising 1,500 units that can house as many as 6,000 people, President Bobby Dy said in an interview.

27 October 2017

Singapore to freeze number of cars on its roads

Singapore, one of the most expensive places in the world to buy a vehicle, has announced it will freeze the number of private cars on its roads from next year but vowed to expand public transport.The growth cap for all passenger cars and motorcycles will be cut from 0.25 percent a year to zero with effect from February, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said.The affluent city-state of 5.6 million people already imposes a quota on the number of vehicles sold and the number on its roads, and h

24 October 2017