Tourists rail against Hanoi 'train street' ban

Selfie-snapping tourists railed against the closure of Hanoi's 'train street' on Thursday after police blocked off the Instragram-famous tracks for safety reasons.The narrow railway corridor in central Hanoi has become a hotspot among visitors seeking the perfect holiday snap on the tracks - often dodging trains that rumble through daily. But Hanoi authorities said this week they would block people from the tracks to avoid accidents, and police on Thursday erected barr

11 October 2019

Thailand seeks funding for high-speed rail project

Thailand will seek bids in the fourth-quarter for a 180 billion baht (US$5.5 billion) high-speed rail project that’s part of a wider plan for a train network to China.The bidder will build the first half of the network in Thailand, Minister of Transport Arkhom Termpittayapaisith said in an interview Thursday.

25 June 2018

Singapore's public transport woes

Singapore prides itself as a nation with one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the world. However, that reputation has taken a hit, of late, when a stalled Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train was rear-ended by another train, injuring 29 commuters.This was the third incident to happen in two months after two separate incidents occurred last month.

22 November 2017