UNESCO World Heritage sites

Bagan is Now UNESCO-Certified. Here are 5 Fun Ways to Explore this Gem in Myanmar

Adventure or comfort? Whatever your sightseeing style, Myanmar’s scenic ancient city has got you covered.Located in the central part of Myanmar, the ancient city of Bagan is reachable via three-hour bus or car ride from Mandalay or eight hours from Yangon. At first glance, it’s hard to comprehend just how many temples are scattered around the lush green plains.

15 July 2019

10 Incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Asia For That Unforgettable Cultural Trip

As part of travel360.com’s own UNESCO World Heritage sites week, we list down some of the most amazing sites in our very own backyard, so to speak. While there are three  categories to choose from, these sites actually had to go through a stringent qualification process – which we have detailed here. Here, we list down countries in Asia that specifically address cultural properties that made it on to the list here.You know what’s the best part, though?

11 June 2019

World Heritage sites under climate siege

The watery fields of vibrant green dotted with lotus pink provide a contrast to the paddy fields in the rural commune of My Hoa in southern Vietnam. For the communities surrounding the iconic lotus lakes, the flower is a gift that keeps on giving. The lotus plant provides seeds, pods, rhizomes and stems to be eaten or sold as food. The picturesque ponds attract tourists by the thousands, who often take boat rides, or indulge in the countryside dishes served at local restaurants.

25 September 2018