Smart City Spotlight: Hanoi

Hanoi is a city rich in history and culture that has been occupied by foreign forces in the past. From being ruled by ancient Chinese dynasties and the French in the 19th century to surviving a war with the United States (US).

16 August 2018

Vietnam activist placed under house arrest

A Vietnamese activist was put under house arrest and barred from leaving the country after she defaced the national flag, she told media on Friday, vowing to fight for democracy in the one-party state where dissent is swiftly stamped out.

12 August 2018

Vietnam court jails 46 bankers

A court in Vietnam has convicted 46 former bankers and businessmen of corruption on Monday over a multi-million-dollar lending scam spearheaded by the once-powerful chairman of Vietnam's Construction Bank.

7 August 2018

Hanoi to breathe easier by banning bikes

The city of Hanoi is choking in air pollution and its city council hopes to reduce it by banning motorcycles from the inner city by 2030. The city aims to remove some 2.5 million old motorcycles from its streets between now and 2020.

5 August 2018

Vietnam goes for eco-shrimp

Shrimp is a popular seafood around the world. The European Union (EU), United States (US) and Vietnam were the world’s largest shrimp importers in 2016. Vietnam also happens to be the third highest exporter of shrimp.

28 July 2018

How hydropower could kill the Mekong

The Mekong is Southeast Asia’s lifeblood, pumping life into some of the region’s biggest cities. It is the seventh longest river in Asia and the 12th longest in the world.

21 July 2018

Vietnam goes on the defence

With China and the United States (US) as its largest export destinations, Vietnam is seeking ways to insulate itself from an escalating trade war between the world’s two biggest economies.

18 July 2018